How to give the first aid during frostbite

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We came to the cold and heavy frosts, during which people get frostbite.

The window set the minus temperature, which immediately created a lot of problems for communal services and shook the social services, which did not realize that December-January can bring cold and it is necessary to take care in advance to heat people without a certain place of residence, which, as a rule, become the first victims and Get frostbite.

But victims of frost may be people who, due to circumstances, spend a lot of time on the street. And it is very important to know how to provide first aid in such a situation.

It is important to know that there are several degrees of frostbite, like burns.

At And degrees of frostbite The affected skin is pale, there is redness. The person has a sense of burning, tingling, itching of the skin and pain. With proper care, recovery takes 5-7 days after frostbite.

At II degrees of frostbite In a person the sensitivity is lost, there is a blurredness of the frozen zone, in the first days blisters are formed, there is a skin itch, burning. You can recover in this case after 1-2 weeks.

At III degree of frostbite Blisters are formed, filled with bloody fluid with a blue-crimson bottom. This causes the loss of the skin and then there are scars in this place. Dried cloth ceases to retreat in 2-3 weeks, at the place of frostbite, a scar occurs.

At IV degree of frostbite There is a death of all layers of soft tissues, bones and joints are affected. In this case, the patient needs urgent hospitalization, in the opposite case, amputation of the limbs is possible.

And now let's talk about giving first aid during frostbite. When this is the 1st degree, it is advisable to warm the affected areas of the skin. Then you have to make a light massage, rub with woolen cloth, breath, and then apply a cotton-gauze bandage.

When frostbite II-IV degree requires rapid warming. But rub the affected area of ​​skin is not required. On the surface should be applied, for example, a thick layer of gauze and cotton, then an oilcloth or rubberized fabric. Next, it is necessary to fix the damaged limbs with the help of improvised means (boards, a piece of plywood, dense cardboard), impose and tighten the top of the bandage. Waistcoats, woolen fabrics and sweatshirts are suitable as a bandage in such situations.

But what to do is not necessary when frostbite? It is impossible to rub in any case (this leads to the destruction of the skin and the appearance of white spots), dramatically warm, do not drink alcohol, do not take a hot bath. One should closely monitor the general condition of a sick person during the day, if the situation worsens immediately apply to the hospital. Determine the percentage of the affected area of ​​the body can be by hand - 1 victim's hand is 1% of the body.

How to give the first aid during frostbite
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