How to get rid of whiskers on the skins of a child?

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When the inflammation begins in the gums, the cause of this can be fistula in the gums of the child. It occurs due to old untreated tooth problems or poor-quality sealing. The risk of a disease is that fistula can cause tooth loss and severe pain. In this case, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.

A whip on the gums in the baby can be a consequence of many causes, including periodontitis, osteomyelitis, chronic odontogenic sinusitis. This list can include a root tooth, which holds the prick.

What is a fistula on gums in children

The grooves are called a channel that connects the surface with the ignition source. The abscess may be deep in the jawbone, but its outer part will be located externally. It can be detected by X-ray or by ordinary examination.

The whip on the gum surface of the child has the following symptoms:

  • The tooth is particularly painful when it touches;
  • Tooth swings;
  • Gums swollen or reddened;
  • From the fistula hole manure is isolated.

The whistle arises due to a complicated inflammatory process in the jaw tissues or because the disease has not yet cut through the tooth. A gingival fistula in a child may also be an external manifestation of inflamed tooth cyst. Inadequate treatment can also be the cause of this: if the doctor does not properly treat the tooth in the treatment of caries, the bacteria can continue their life cycle, causing inflammation and fistula. The main cause of the fistula is the granular form of periodontitis.

How to treat a fistula on gums in a child

By itself, the fistula is not treated. The main attention is paid to its root cause - periodontitis. It all starts with the usual caries treatment, after which the oral cavity is further treated with antibacterial drugs. In the case of an adult patient, he may be prescribed antibiotics. The child can, as an additional measure, prescribe salt baths that can reduce inflammation.

If you contact the dentist on time, then no surgical intervention is required. Otherwise, the operation is carried out using a laser. In specially run cases there is a risk of tooth extraction and surgical scraping of the affected fistula area.

How to get rid of fistula on gums in a child by folk remedies

Using exclusively methods of folk medicine, you can get rid of fistula. A precondition is to apply for medical assistance, but it can be added to the "grandmother's" recipes.

Healing ointment is made from flowers of calendula and a tree, a root of a dandelion and a sorrel, grass grass and tansy. Plants are milled in a blender, and then the mixture is added Vishnevsky ointment or ichthyol ointment. To make the ointment homogeneous, add calendula oil to the mass. Finished ointment is treated with affected areas.

The main measure of fistula prevention is scrupulous hygienic care of the oral cavity and regular examination by the dentist. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will also help to avoid the appearance of fistula.

How to get rid of whiskers on the skins of a child?

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