How to get rid of snoring: 5 ways

How To Stop Snoring Fast (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Snoring is a serious problem. It disrupts normal sleep and disturbs your home. More than 90 million adults and their relatives suffer from snoring. How to get rid of snoring?

In Britain, a survey showed that if your second half of the snoring is, then you will earn 4 years of bad sleep before the golden wedding.

In addition, people who do not constantly fall out, feel tired, they have problems with memory and mood, increases the risk of accident in the car.

How To Get Rid Of Snoring

Snoring can be divided into moderate and heavy. A snore is considered moderate when a person is snoring only part of the night or all night, but only lying on his back.

People with symptoms of severe snoring should always consult a doctor to make sure they do not have a serious sleep disorder called apnea.

For those who have snoring easily or moderately, we offer a range of home remedies and gadgets that help you get rid of snoring.

Tennis ball

If you're basically snoring when you are sleeping on your back, put a tennis ball in your pocket, made from an old shirt, and firmly sew it to your back in the middle of your pajamas. Discomfort will make you turn over and sleep on the side, while not waking you.

Extra pillows

Try to support your head with an extra pillow. The respiratory tract will become more loose, which in turn will help prevent the back of the throat and the snoring itself. You can also raise the upper part of the bed, putting under the feet a couple of bricks.


If you snore through a cold or nasal congestion, turn on a humidifier overnight. This procedure will help drain the sinuses of the nose, reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa and improve the flow of air, and as a result will help get rid of snoring.

Nasal strips

You can reduce snoring somewhat by wearing nasal strips. They increase the permeability of air, revealing the nasal passages.


The gummy device, which is made individually by the tip of your jaw (ideally), although there are universal capes. Capa provided for the night. It seems to put forward the lower jaw, expands the airway and eliminates snoring. Studies show that capsaits are effective in 90% of cases.

When to ask a doctor

In general, the louder and more often you snore, the greater the likelihood that your snoring is related to health problems. If home remedies do not help you get rid of snoring, or if snoring is accompanied by chronic nasal congestion or heartburn, contact your doctor.

How to get rid of snoring: 5 ways

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