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Corn is one of the most common skin problems, but for medical help when they occur, few people apply. As a rule, people are interested in how to get rid of corns at home.

Corn is a part of the damaged skin in the form of keratinous tops or a bladder with serous contents.

Often, corns are found on the inner surface of the feet, heels, palms, fingers and toes. Such a localization is due to the causes of the appearance of corns, the main of which is to maintain a constant control over the delicate skin of the traumatic factors: long friction and pressure on the skin of uncomfortable, tight shoes and clothes, work with tools with unprotected hands, wearing high heel shoes. So how to get rid of corns?

How to get rid of dry cornflowers

At the heart of the appearance of dry corn is a protective reaction of the body. To avoid the appearance of wounds with constant skin irritation, its upper layer begins to thicken and expand. The result is a rough plaque that extends above the skin surface. It is the body of the corn is a kind of cone, the top goes deep into the tissues. Such corns belong to the category of adults.

Often, dry calluses appear on the heels, foot pads or the outer surfaces of the toes. Often, dry corns are accompanied by painful sensations when walking and look uneasy. Therefore, many are interested in how to get rid of such corns.

Drug treatment implies external use of salicylic acid based preparations. Therapeutic ointments are applied to the steamed skin and left for 6-8 hours. After that, the softened layer of the epidermis is cleansed with pumice stone. In addition, special patches are issued, intended to get rid of corns.

Hardware treatment of dry corn is carried out in cosmetology offices and consists in grinding rough skin and drilling a coronet of callus with a special pedicure drill. Also, laser and liquid nitrogen are used to remove corns.

Folk healers give advice on how to get rid of corns with gifts of nature.

  • Roast your legs and add to the callipers warmed and rolled up with a thin layer of propolis. Fix it with adhesive plaster and leave it for 3-4 days. If necessary, repeat 2-3 times. Then make a warm bath and remove the corn.
  • Cut the onion in half, pour 200 ml of table vinegar and insist on a day. Separate the bulbs on the slices and fix them on the sprouted corn, changing the lotions twice a day.
  • Grind a small grater of cheese potatoes. Apply the mass to the affected area and fix it with a bandage. Leave for the night Repeat the procedure until complete softening of the skin.

How to get rid of wet cornflowers

Wet corn, usually formed from rubbing with new shoes. At the point of contact, the skin first reds, and then, under the upper layer of the epidermis, the lymph fluid or, in some cases, blood accumulates. Such a blister strongly interrupts movements and achieves. If, however, due to negligent actions, the bubble breaks up and the infection is infiltrated into the surface of the wound, a serious inflammatory process may develop.

Before you become interested in getting rid of corns, you need to stop the irritating effect on the skin. In order to relieve pressure, you can use a bactericidal patch protecting against the development of infection, or anti-rash mild patch, which accelerates healing.

Small bubbles can not be punctured, since the skin over them protects against infection, and the accumulated fluid - from friction. For drying it is recommended to use preparations with zinc, and around the bubble to lubricate with antiseptic. Removing the painfulness of moist corn helps with the scallop of green peas, leafy plantain, aloe vera, ivy, cotton swab, moistened with cold milk.

If the blister is very large and is located so that it will inevitably break, you can not do without drainage. To do this, wipe it with alcohol and cover with a sterile gauze wipes. Sterile needle from a disposable syringe gently puncture the bubble in its edge, inserting a vertebra parallel to the skin. Gently squeeze the liquid by pressing a napkin. Lubricate the punctured corn with antibacterial ointment and apply a little bandage.


How to get rid of new corns on your legs

Dry callos, which have been formed relatively recently, are called napoptiches. If you do not take action, the corn will grow, penetrate deep, and get rid of such overgrown accretions will be harder.

Antipyretic cream, ointments and patches can be used to remove natoptyshs. It also helps to soften and exfoliate the bumpy skin with compressed celandine.

For its preparation, it is necessary to grind the fresh herb celandine with a blender. The resulting mass before bedtime should be applied to the tropothic area. Close top of a piece of polyethylene and secure it with a bandage. Wear cotton socks and leave the compress for the night. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of tattoos.

Fresh, wet corn caused by the unaffected shoe, effectively heals the rye bread, soaked with natural apple cider vinegar. It should be attached to the blisters and left overnight.

How to get rid of corn on your hands

Most often, the skin of the fingers is affected. The treatment of corns in their hands in most cases is carried out in the same way as on the legs. Mandatory conditions for successful recovery are:

  • The maintenance of the damaged area in purity;
  • Regular processing of corn with antiseptic drugs;
  • Use of means of protection: gloves, lapels, etc.;
  • The use of softening creams with vitamin A.
How to get rid of crows
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