How to get rid of a hangover after new year's night

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Headache, thirst, and other effects of a fun night will go away if you follow strict rules.

Step 1 - Overcome nausea

This is the first step since, without making it, you will not be able to reach the rest of the rescue points. And remember, vomiting and nausea - is the natural protection of your body from those unimaginable doses of alcohol that you treated it on the eve. Now this alcohol has broken down into toxins and the body tries to remove them more quickly. Let's not be as aesthetic as you would like.

If nausea and vomiting are absent, drink water. Two, and even three or four glasses of barely warm water, small whips. It will be difficult. But the man who drank a couple of hours ago and danced until the morning could do it. As soon as you wash your stomach, you will understand how much easier it will be.

Also, coping with morning sickness will help Fresh ginger tea. For this purpose, cut a piece of ginger root, pour a few glasses of water and boil under the lid for about 7 minutes. Add honey and drink slow sips.

Step 2 - clean with sorbents

If the hangover is nothing more than a strong poisoning by the products of the breakdown of alcohol, then one of the first tasks is to bring out the very "products" from the body. Therefore, sorbents help us.

Such sonorous words are called substances that can delay toxins, and then remove them from the body. The simplest of them is activated carbon, black or white. More modern - Polyfepan, Polysorb, Filter or Smecta. In a good way, you need to take them at a time when you feel that you are already very drunk or before you go to bed. In the morning, when alcohol is already absorbed into the bloodstream, the effect of sorbents is reduced, but it is still better than nothing.

Activated charcoal: we take 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. Stir in powder and mix in 0.5 cups of water. Drink After several hours we repeat the procedure.

Polyfepan: 3 items Spoons of drugs we drink 2 glasses of water. After 2 hours we repeat the procedure.

"Polisorb": 2 tbsp. Spoon medicines stir in 0.5 cups of water. Repeat the procedure 2 more times every 2 hours.

"Filter": at the time we take 5-6 tablets and drink 2 glasses of water.

"Smecta": 1-2 bags in one glass of water. Repeat the procedure after 2:00.

Importantly! 2-3 hours after taking any sorbents it is necessary to empty the intestine. Otherwise sorbents accumulated there will begin to "give" the collected toxins back to the body and your condition will deteriorate.

Step 3 - eliminate headache

Yesterday, your vocals in karaoke entertained the entire quarter, and today even the creak of the bridge splits your poor head into pieces. Noise in the ears, photophobia and headache are another "hello" from the abundant drink before the day. These symptoms will be addressed by Aspirin, Alka-Zeltser, Antipohmelin, Zoraks, or other anti-pectoral drugs sold at any pharmacy without a prescription.

The advantage is best given to the form of spasm, because they are absorbed more quickly in the body. But if you do not go to the newfangled wrinkles, then accept the usual "Citramon". And remember - one of the reasons for your current headache is the lack of glucose in the blood. So a fragile sweet tea, a couple of spoonfuls of honey, a handful of raisins or sweet fruits that you can eat, will also help cope with the "explosion of the brain".

Step 4 - fight against dehydration

The dry mouth and the relentless desire to drink a lot of water is another sign of a cruel hangover. Alcohol in excessive amounts causes dehydration. So you now need to restore the water and salt balance. It is best for this purpose medical and table mineral water. Bottles 3-4 per day and no less. And it is better to let gas out of it before use, the extra stimuli to your injured alimentary stomach are nowhere to go.

If the mineral is NOT stocked, drink plain clean water. But be sure to add at least a few drops of lemon juice or sip an orange. Pure freshly squeezed orange juice is not welcome. It has a high concentration of fruit acids, which will become an additional stimulant for the stomach. So juice is better to dilute with water 1: 1.

Step 5 - We use natural fermented products

Not for nothing, those who suffer from all times and people drink a brine from a hangover. Enzyme products containing vitamin C and lactic acid, indeed, help to restore the metabolism disturbed in the body.

And these simple, but effective things like soaked apples, sauerkraut and cucumbers, natural kefir (low fat), tan or airan can help you in this bleak, harsh moon.

But in no case do not use any marinades! Vinegar will only enhance your condition. But a glass of cucumber or cabbage brine, which was mentioned above, is already a medicine.

Step 6 - select the anti-hangover menu

So, after two or three hours, after you washed the stomach, took off the headache and tasted sorbents, you will probably want to eat. Mayonnaise salads that remain after night, it is better to give the enemy. This oily, heavy food you do not need right now. It's time to mention the "hot-hot snack", recommended in such cases by the classics. However, many urban institutions include in their repertoire a whole set of anti-pouring dishes.

If there are forces, go there. If all you can do now is to crawl into the kitchen, then you will be saved by a spicy but lean chicken broth, an acute squash, raspberries, cold boiled meat with salted cucumber or the famous Armenian hash.

If you can, then prepare a natural berry jelly. Just squeeze juice out of a glass of cranberry or cranberries. Separately, in a glass of water heat 1,5 tbsp. Spoonfuls of gelatin. Then mix it all together, add the honey to taste and remove for 40-50 minutes in the fridge. So you will immediately receive three anti-pouring drugs at a glance: 1) a large portion of vitamins; 2) light nutritious food; 3) The enveloping irritated stomach product.

Step 7 - refuse the hangover

Probably, looking at your sufferings, there will be "good" people who will immediately offer you to "treat such a similar", and simply - to grumble. But if you are not an enemy yourself, it's better to refuse from such "therapy" right away. Your body is trying to cope with alcohol intoxication, and you only add it to your work.

The heart, liver and pancreas are already working in an acute mode, so if you do not want to get into the hospital bed right on the holidays, it's best not to test yourself for strength. And besides, with the observation of narcologists, hangover therapy in most cases leads to drinking. If you drank on the eve of the day without seeing the edges, then there is no guarantee that today you can stop in time.

Step 8 - Take a contrast shower

Another one, so-called folk method, is steaming with a hangover in the bath. Here again we remember the heart, which, thanks to your bastard, already experiences overload. Arterial and intracranial pressure during the hangover are elevated. A high-temperature bath only will worsen your condition. But what does not hurt - this is a contrast shower.

The most convenient cycle is 20-30 seconds of hot and cold water. Moreover, it is necessary to start with hot, then switch to cold and so repeat 5-6 times. This way, you will help the body to get rid of edema caused by stagnation of the fluid, cheer up the nervous system, rinse toxins that secrete through the pores of the skin, and at the same time lower the blood pressure.

Step 9 - Let's breathe fresh air

Once you feel that you can stand on your feet, immediately go for fresh air. And to make the walk more effective, before leaving the house, accept any complex vitamins. Or take a hipstick tea. On the street, try to walk actively, play snowballs or at least clear the tracks from the snow. The more you move now, the more oxygen enters the body.

This will ensure more active work of the internal organs, and products of breakdown of alcohol will come out faster. But all these physical exercises should be moderate, active workout or fitness before you drop on the first day of the hangover you are contraindicated.

Step 10 - Restore the nervous system and relieve depression

Depressed condition, irritability, nervousness, feelings of guilt - also true companions of a heavy hangover. They are due to a lack of magnesium caused by alcohol intoxication. To eliminate these symptoms will help simple calming remedies: "Glycine", "New-Passion", infusion of St. John's wort and vystirnik, a glass of warm milk.

Perfectly suitable natural home anti-depressant - Cocoa. Take something out of it and try to go to bed. Nothing helps the body to cope with the hangover of conscience, as a healthy, strong sleep.

How to get rid of a hangover after new year's night
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