How to get rid of acne traces on the face

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Acne eruption is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which is hard to get rid of, but it is equally problematic to remove traces of acne, as it can remain not only ugly spots, but also scars. For this reason, many women are interested in getting rid of traces of acne on their faces.

Applicable ways to remove residual phenomena primarily depend on how the tracks look. Whether it is zazhivaya wound, which has a traumatized and inflamed appearance, or a real bright scar. Under these unlucky traces is a clean and delicate skin. To make the whole face even and clean, you need to know how to get rid of the traces of acne on your face.

Causes of spots and scars on the skin

Of course, the remaining spots and scars strongly spoil the mood, affect the understatement of self-esteem and even the appearance of complexes. Leaving everything as it is is not the best way out of the situation, because all the women want to look beautiful and attract the fascinated looks of men. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of ways to remove traces of acne. The same scars and stains arise due to several reasons.

  1. Traces of acne eruptions often appear due to improper treatment, low-quality disinfection of the skin when they appear, as well as the late adoption of appropriate measures.
  2. Self-extrusion also often causes traces to form. All this can be avoided if you turn to a specialist, otherwise then you have to figure out how to get rid of the traces of acne on your face.
  3. Skin diseases, for example, demodiosis, caused by a parasitic mite.

Removing traces of acne

Injured skin requires qualitative cleaning, constant moisturizing and additional nutrition, it should always be remembered. Yes, and any cosmetic problem can be warned, timely responding to the first signs of its appearance and given the possible consequences, then you will not worry about how to get rid of the traces of acne on your face.

  • Vitamin E. It is used to heal the morning and accelerate the regeneration of the skin. It is available in capsules, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. The capsule should be crushed, soaked up with a yellowish liquid to smoke places where there are traces of rashes.
  • Food Soda. Its application helps to deeply cleanse the skin, remove the keratinous particles and remove the traces of acne. To do this, you must pre-clean the skin with a foam to wash, and then apply a little soda and gently massage the problem areas. Those who have sensitive and dry skin and are interested in getting rid of pimples on the face, this procedure is not suitable.
  • Mask of cinnamon and honey. The skin is thoroughly cleaned, soaked with a napkin, in a small container, mixes 1 tbsp. L Honey and 1 ch. Ground cinnamon The resulting mixture is applied to the affected skin for 20 minutes. After the specified time, the mask is washed off with warm water, then a moisturizing cream should be applied to the face.

Now you know how best to get rid of the traces of acne on your face. Of course, the most effective, but also more aggressive means are salon procedures: laser grinding, chemical and ultrasonic peeling. However, they require some material costs and time, as the period of skin regeneration after procedures is usually about two weeks.

How to get rid of acne traces on the face

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