How to fill the lack of protein if you are a vegetarian

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A lot of thoughts about vegetarian food make people doubt their choice. The most important disadvantage of vegetarianism is the lack of protein, which can cause a person to develop various diseases, it will feel weak and helpless.

There is a completely different opinion among specialists, which is based on the fact that protein can be obtained from plant products, and its functions do not differ from animal protein. Therefore, anyone who wants to become a vegetarian and to give up products of animal origin, but at the same time to be healthy and to enable his body to get from the food all necessary vitamins, minerals and substances can remain calm, as vegetable products rich in protein can always be bought And eat

What vegetable products have a protein in their composition:

1 Oatmeal Has always been considered one of the most useful products for the digestive tract due to fiber, but also contains protein in its composition, in one portion it is about 6 grams.

2 Almonds and peanuts Contain so much useful that there are not enough fingers to list. Plus, nuts quickly slacken the feeling of hunger and saturate the body with proteins. In peanuts, a portion of 30 grams contains about 10-12 grams of protein, and in almonds - 6 grams.

3 Broccoli If you compare broccoli with another cabbage, for example, whiten, then it is most useful because it is rich in vitamin C and proteins.

4 Spinach. To overestimate the benefits of spinach to human health is simply impossible, because it contains substances that can withstand the development of cancer cells. Spinach is useful for all processes in the body, as well as its use has a beneficial effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails, which is important. Well, of course, one can not but note that in a portion of spinach contains about 5-6 grams of protein.

5 Cauliflower No less useful than broccoli, but in its serving portion contains only 2-3 grams of protein. But given that there is a lot of useful substances in color cabbage, it is desirable to enter it into a diet and eat at least 2-3 times a week.

6 Asparagus Is a low-calorie product, it's loved by those who sit on the diet, but for vegetarians it is irreplaceable as it contains proteins.

7 Beans and other legumes Products contain a sufficient amount of protein, amino acids and vitamins, which will help to normalize the processes of digestion and hematopoiesis in the body. Recently, scientists have drawn attention to the fact that the use of legumes has a beneficial effect on human health and, with this, reduced cases of cancer.

How to fill the lack of protein if you are a vegetarian
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