How to experience severe frosts, - experts advise

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On the eve of the new year, winter came to us - the most real and long-awaited, with snow and frost, which immediately sent the thermometers to a vicious knockout minus indicators. And as usual, the arrival of winter was a great surprise for communal, social services and our body, which was also genuinely surprised and frightened by the cold. To this time of the year without serious side effects, experts gave some tips how to survive the cold and continue to feel comfortable during severe frosts:

To begin with they advise everyone to wear free clothes: It will help the blood to circulate normally through the body, and we can warm up naturally, predicted by wise nature.

The second tip is also simple - experts advise to use as much spice as possible in the cold season, which improves blood circulation. In this case, turmeric and ginger also have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also greatly facilitates the relaxation and expansion of vessels, prevents freezing. But German scientists came to the conclusion that besides protection from microbes, the daily use of half a cluster of garlic improves arteries and capillaries by 50%.

The next right advice - do not stand in the cold like a statue of snow - you do not have carrots in place of a nose and a bucket instead of a hat. And then - move more! The movement is not only life, but the best stimulant to improve blood circulation in the body.

Naturally, shoes in winter should be comfortable - it should not reap, slip and tire tensed and without that leg. Choose shoes to prevent the hypothermia of the legs - this, according to doctors, can lead to a whole list of undesirable consequences.

It is not necessary to refuse the winter period of colds from taking medications - now without problems it is possible to find medicines, which are designed specifically to support the satisfactory blood circulation.

Experts advise in severe frosts to drink a lot of water - because the moisture of the organism is necessary not only in the heat. Water is extremely important for the satisfactory functioning of cells, and as a consequence, for proper circulation of blood.

Avoid harmful fats - this is the next board of experts. For example, fats contained in margarine, roasted foods, some types of cookies, cause narrowing of the vessels. And this is a direct way to freezing.

The next tip is to warm up gradually. That is, having come home from frosty air, it is not necessary immediately to nurse in a hot bath - from a sharp drop in temperature can burst vessels. Warm up calmly and gradually.

And finally, do sports. In a well-trained body, its thermoregulatory capabilities allow you to adapt as quickly as possible to cold temperatures.

How to experience severe frosts, - experts advise
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