How to effectively cure fungus between toes

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The formation of fungus between fingers is facilitated by a number of factors. The treatment of this disease is long and complex. The main task - the destruction of fungal infection. But everything is in order.

The cause of the fungus between the toes can be yeast and mold fungi. Infection of the skin interdigital spaces is due to hit it viable spores of fungi. If conditions are favorable (there are microcracks or maceration), they turn into a vegetative form.

Another negative factor favorable to the development of the fungus between the toes is humidity, wear uncomfortable or tight shoes, local hypothermia leg skin, insufficient intake of vitamins, chronic pathology that leads to stagnation of blood in the legs, battery body in a standing position.

Interdigital fungus on his feet manifested by redness of the skin, itching, peeling, cracking skin on the development background of dryness. Sometimes in the area of ​​microcracks formed purulent crust.

How to treat fungus between toes? To begin with, it is necessary to carry out the primary destruction of the pathogen cells with antifungal agents. These can be ointments from the fungus, local antiseptics, pills.

Also, there are a lot of recipes of folk medicine that help to overcome this fungal disease, which is accompanied by another stable and unpleasant odor from the legs. There are lots of recipes that use white willow ash, smoking shag, glue apricot tree, which is treated with the skin of the lesion.

Details about some of them. So, on 1 cup of vodka it is necessary to take a tablespoon of 1 spoon of apricot tree resin and allow to stand for 3 days. Before application it is necessary to shake and then to lubricate nails and interdigital spaces. A month later the fungus is defeated.

Also, instead of creams, some sick people used ordinary sour cream. It is necessary to smear feet with sour cream every night - the itch becomes noticeably weaker. A week later, the fungus does not leave a trace, and all the cracks disappear.

To treat fungus with vinegar, you should thoroughly wash your legs, and then lower them in wine vinegar. Sleeping is worth wearing in socks, soaked in vinegar. In the morning, the legs should be washed, and in the evening again repeat the procedure. And so for the treatment of the disease.

Another option is to treat fungus with commercial soap. Before the procedure, it is necessary to dissolve legs, strongly stitched with a brush for five minutes to rub the feet, toes and nail phalanges. Thoroughly thicken places with fingers cracks. Then you need to rinse your legs and rub the skin again with a brush. All processes need to be repeated at least five times.

Then you need to dry your feet dry, apply a cream and put on clean socks. The course consists of evening and morning procedures during the week. When the fungus is completely removed, follow daily hygiene of the legs daily.

How to effectively cure fungus between toes

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