How to eat in december: five best tips

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In December, when the vitamins received by the body during the summer and autumn, begin to be actively used by the body, it is very important to replenish them in a timely manner. For this there are five basic rules of healthy eating in December.

In the winter ration should be quite sufficient and balanced the amount of vitamins and nutrients sustained. In this case, you and your family will be healthy and cheerful.

First, cancel all your scheduled medical hunger strike - not the time, not at all, now put the body on such stressful measures. It is necessary to eat enough completely and on hours, in order not to break the process of metabolism. Dense food should be before the onset of darkness. All hunger strikes in the winter can lead to avitaminosis and reduce the level of vivacity, which immediately affects both weight and disability, and tone in general.

Secondly, cook food at least. So advise nutritionists - in winter, food should be subjected to heat treatment as little as possible, not to reheat it. Ideally, you will buy a thermos bag and store it in the work lunch warm and useful.

Thirdly, constantly replenish your body with vitamins. And it is not worth knowing during the year - there are plenty of them in the winter. These are frozen vegetables, fruits, and walnuts, cabbage, greens, carrots, celery, ginger. The main thing is to understand what exactly your body needs in cold weather.

Fourth, you need to drink vitamins - help in this balanced vitamin and mineral complexes. To choose quality vitamins it is best to consult a doctor with an immunologist - do not hurry to buy the first-best in the pharmacy multivitamin complexes - they are often low quality and at an overpriced price.

Fifth, drink as much freesia as possible. In the morning it is useful to make fresh citrus freesia - now available for sale is orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi. This is a real source of useful vitamins. Remember the rule: to save the health of the stomach and organs of the digestive tract, freesia should be diluted 1: 1 with water.

And the last one - do not forget about activity. Physical exercise in the winter time of the year will bring you energy, give health and beauty!

How to eat in december: five best tips
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