How to eat and not smell: "golden" rules from nutritionists

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In the struggle for weight loss, all the ways are good, the only thing that they need to use without harm to health. Nutritionists have talked about products that can quickly saturate the body and eliminate the feeling of hunger for a long time, which is very good when you keep track of your weight. You can eat such foods and not be afraid that fat is deposited on your sides or stomach.

Plus, the general opinion about nutritious foods and their caloric content, nutritionists consider absolutely wrong. Many people think that if the food is very nutritious, then it is super-caloric, but in fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

How to eat and not smell: "golden" rules from nutritionists

1 Oatmeal. You can write whole poems about her benefits to health and digestive system. Therefore, as it is a natural source of fiber, so necessary for a quick and correct metabolism. Oatmeal is able to lower cholesterol levels in blood, which is very important not only for those who lose weight, but also for those who care about their body and wants the vessels to always be in the normal state.

2 Low-grade varieties of meat and fish. They quickly saturate you and provide the necessary protein for the body. Many meat and fish dietitians do not advise to use, because a large number of these products will be digested in the digestive tract for a long time, which blocks weight loss.

3 Potatoes. This vegetable is desirable to eat separately from other products, so dietitians advise. It is best to cook or bake potatoes in the rind and are together with it, as right under the skin contains all the useful substances. The potato very quickly gives a feeling of satiety, so after it you will not want to eat again for a long time.

4 Oranges. These citrus fruit are considered one of the most sophisticated, they contain only 50-60 calories in one fruit, but due to cellulose in the composition slowing down the feeling of hunger for a long time.

5 Chicken eggs. The natural protein in their composition is responsible for the nutrition, so you quickly eat and you will not feel hunger for a long time.

6 Black bitter chocolate Quickly saturates the body, after it absolutely does not want to eat other products, as in the mouth remains a pleasant chocolate taste.

7 Milk Like eggs, rich in protein, so you will have strength and reluctance to sit down to eat. By the way, milk is useful not only for you, but also for your children.

8 Cheese Instantly saturates, moreover, it is also maximally useful for the body and health in general. Cheese is rich in vitamins, proteins and fats needed for bone and muscle mass, as well as for digestion.

9 Macaroni from hard wheat In a small amount will quickly saturate you and do not slow down the weight loss.

10 Nuts. Of course, you can distract and eat them a lot, but here it is necessary to be careful, since in nuts a lot of fats. Therefore, a handful of nuts will be a great snack that fades fast and for a long time.

How to eat and not smell: "golden" rules from nutritionists
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