How to easily and reliably overcome autumn depression

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Depression in the autumn takes away all the forces and the desire to even move. Many do not want to see anyone, talk, prefer to go home. But from this I will need to go out. How to do it yourself: fast and reliable? To get started, you need to understand your condition and then act.

Know that depression is usually provoked by the lack of sunlight and heat. You need to not lose control of your condition and with complete helplessness to turn to a specialist. But it is possible to get together with the spirit and to enter into the struggle with the illness independently. To start, put some small goals in front of you and, after reaching or realizing them, move on.

Let your first task be ascending from the bed - tear yourself apart from this dungeon, where you age your contempt. Then make yourself jog in the morning or walk fast for one hour. It is important to move and slowly, but systematically. Forget about the elevator - go on foot even on the 12th or 30th floor. Turn on and play your favorite rhythmic music. Especially put the car on the far parking lot, to walk home on foot.

Excellent helps to overcome depression of yoga - it lowers stress and eliminates symptoms of depression, anxiety, nervous tension. To begin, you can do basic exercises.

Connect with your emotions. Ideally, you need to keep a diary in which to record your thoughts, feelings and describe the mood. After doing the analysis, you will understand what was the cause of your depression and eventually learn how to avoid it or get out of it competently.

Feel free to express emotions - this is the path to self-esteem. Talk with your loved one, friend or your spiritual mentor in your souls - your fears, insults, and experiences need to be spoken. Depression is afraid and retreats. One conversation is enough to make your fears far-fetched.

You need to try to rebuild thinking. Smile and show with all your appearance that you are all right - do not let stimulants dictate to you a pattern of behavior and relationships. To do this, realize your imperfection and concentrate on your merits - negative thinking only survives through nutrition with a low self-esteem. And do not stretch for unattainable goals - admit that you are good and so. Send your inner criticism to the center of employment - self-help to you nothing.

Interested in someone else - shift the focus of your attention from yourself to someone. This will eliminate self-digging and you will get the necessary stroke self-esteem.

How to easily and reliably overcome autumn depression
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