How to ease the attack of the renal colic

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The renal colic, along with other urological diseases, according to the degree of their pain, is among the five most powerful. The patient who had an attack of the renal colic can not find a place and position of the body, if the pain is at least a bit retreated.

This pain belongs to the category "unbearable". On her background, it can easily jump up blood pressure, change the pulse, rise in temperature and even open vomiting after an attack of nausea. What should you do in such a case to at least ease the condition of a person with such an attack?

First, you need to be sure that it's just the renal colic, and not something else. After all, similar symptoms can be with other diseases of the abdominal cavity, heart and lungs. It is important to know that the distinctive feature of the renal colic is the strong and recurring pain attacks that can be described as prickly, reminiscent, accompanied by false urges to urinate.

If the patient can not urinate, it is probable that this stone has blocked the urethra. And if the patient has a marked decrease in the amount of urine in the background of pain in the lumbar or it has ceased to stand out - it means that in such a case, the outflow of urine is blocked by one or two ureters. In this case, you can not delay - urgent surgical intervention is required (For example, in this clinic -

If the urination is not broken, the temperature is normal, there is no unbearable pain and no increased blood pressure - the most effective and most affordable way to relieve the pain - to apply heat. You can arrange a sitting warm bath or put a hot water hotplate. But baths do not suit everyone - they are contraindicated for elderly people and people who have suffered a heart attack or a stroke. They can help them by putting a warm hotplate or mincer on the area of ​​the kidney, which has a distracting effect on the reflexogenic zone.

But doctors in one voice declare - in no case do not delay the visit to the hospital and do not engage in self-medication. Your task is to remove the acute pain attack and relieve the patient's condition. Next is a word for experts and a survey, the treatment prescribed by them.

An attack on the renal colic is a signal of a serious illness that can not be ignored. Colic, as well as any one urological illness, should be treated urgently and urgently. If the attack of the renal colic is delayed and does not release, then staying at home can not in any case.

Experts authoritatively state that prolonged or prolonged renal colic threatens the development of infection in the kidney and represents a very real and serious threat to the life of the patient.

How to ease the attack of the renal colic
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