How to determine if a child has eyesight spoiled

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Be careful about the health of your baby.

Children, by virtue of their age, may not always be able to explain to their parents that they have a sore or where.

Therefore, mothers and dads should be extremely attentive to the child's well-being, some diseases may "manifest" themselves to such symptoms that you know something about.

Naturally, the child should be periodically driven to the clinic for examination and examination, even if it is good with him.

How to understand that the child has vision problems:

1. Deterioration of vision may be manifested in headache, especially when it is localized in the forehead and eyes. Therefore, if the child began to often complain about headaches and show on the forehead, then you most likely need to go through an ophthalmologist's review. Do not delay the trip to the doctor for later, because timely diagnosed vision can be quickly corrected and your child will be seen again well.

2. If your child watches pictures, reads or writes too close, inclining his head, then this is a very serious reason for you to take him to the hospital for admission to an ophthalmologist.

3. A pupil's deterioration may affect school performance. If you noticed that he began to bring bad grades or notes in the diary from the teachers, he may see poorly written on the board, and because of this, he does not have time to record and memorize the material.

4. When a child removes toys, helps her mom in the kitchen and does not notice the small details - this should make you seriously alert. For example, the remaining crumbs on the table after the child just wiped it with a wet cloth. It is important not to confuse bad eyesight with laziness, ask him to wipe the table again, and if garbage remains in place, then there may still be vision problems.

5. If suddenly the child began to "shylite" his eyes - immediately go to the doctor, otherwise you will soon have to buy his glasses through myopia.

Doctors recommend parents constantly train the child's eyesight, do gymnastics for the eyes, consider special pictures. It is also important to keep an eye on the child's posture while reading or writing, the child should sit exactly, and the distance between his eyes and a notebook or a book is at least 30 cm.

Do not forget that electronic gadgets spoil your eyesight faster than your TV or the wrong position of your head while doing homework. It is better to exclude computer games and declare the child "live" games, or at least put the game on a computer, tablet, smartphone to a minimum.

How to determine if a child has eyesight spoiled
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