How to decide should i put brackets

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Braces are a special system that is mounted on the outer or inner part of the teeth to correct bite imperfections. As a rule, the question of whether to put braces is raised by a dentist.

Modern dentistry allows you to fix any defects in teeth and bite. Brackets are a cardinal method of correcting various disadvantages, the analogues of which at the moment does not exist. But how to decide whether to put braces? Only a professional dentist can answer this question, who will advise on choosing a bracelet system and ensure that it will be of good quality in the future.

Indications for bracket installation

On what indications should you put a bracket system? At the moment there are several of them, in particular:

  • Close position of teeth, congestion;
  • Greater development of the upper or lower jaw;
  • Intervals between teeth, curvature of teeth;
  • Wrong bite

Does it hurt to install a bracket system? Installation of braces is absolutely painless with the help of a special solution. The design is glued to the inner or outer surface of the tooth. Further care of the system should be carried out regularly: to clean the braces bought special brushes, and for scroll periodic visits to the dentist.

Kinds of braces

Brackets, as a rule, differ in the way of installation. Yes, at the moment there are vestibular braces that are installed on the outer surface of the tooth, and lingual ones that are installed on the inner surface. Also, braces can be classified according to the technique of correction of bite: the usual system you will have to twist each month from the dentist, and self-regulated no additional action from you will not require. If you still have not decided whether to put braces and what material to choose for them, prefer the option that combines different indicators - so you will achieve the best effect in a short time.

At what age braces are installed

Bracket installation is at any age, but according to the recommendations of dental practitioners, the best period for this will be the age from 12 to 18 years. It was at this age that adolescents had already changed all the teeth, and the jaw retained its mobility, through which the bite adjustment was carried out more efficiently and quickly.

Does it make sense to put braces in an adult? In principle, yes, although achieving the desired result in correcting the bite in this case will be much more complicated.

Whether you put braces, you and the doctor-dentist, whom you applied for consultation, decide. Leading experts in various dental clinics are always ready to give you comprehensive information about the installation of the bracket system and make the whole process as professional and high quality as possible.

How to decide should i put brackets
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