How to cure migraine without pills

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Nontraditional methods of treating headache. Let's tell you, by what methods it is possible to cure migraine.

Massage, acupuncture, phytotherapy and dietary nutrition can be very effective in the treatment of migraines. They relieve tension and stress, which are often trigger factors in the onset of headache attacks.

Unconventional treatments for migraine and headache.

Headache, including migraine, causes a lot of trouble and greatly reduces performance. Therefore, despite the huge amount of different drugs, many people resort to additional treatments and non-traditional medicine. More often, additional techniques, such as reverse biological bonds and relaxation, are very effective. This is not surprising, since they relieve tension and stress, which are often a trigger for headache. In addition, for the treatment of headache, techniques such as massage, acupuncture, herbal treatment, and a certain diet are practiced.

Biological feedback as a way to cure migraine

Biological feedback is a very effective method in the fight against headache. The meaning is that a few electrodes are attached to the body, which record the muscle tension and the temperature of the skin. This information is displayed on the screen before the patient. The patient watches how the temperature of the skin decreases and the muscle tone increases, depending on the stress. Recent studies have shown that with migraine attacks, blood flow changes in arteries that feed the brain.

Applying the method described above, a person learns to control his blood flow and the level of stress that allows you to cope with migraine attacks. Numerous studies have shown that biologic feedback significantly increases the standard of living of people with headaches and can be used as a therapy in the early stages of the disease.

Reduce stress

Most often, it is permanent stress, depression leads to the development of chronic headaches. No wonder the most effective therapy for headache voltage is antidepressants. It is proved that reducing the level of stress, relaxation reduces the intensity of headache and the frequency of migraine attacks.

The combination of antidepressants with relaxation helps to cope even with long-standing headaches. In any case, stress should be avoided, worn out and adhere to the day's regime.

Acupuncture will help cure migraine

Acupuncture is the oldest Chinese technique that is gaining in popularity today. Its essence is that small needles are introduced at certain points of our body. It is believed that acupuncture facilitates headache through the restoration of impaired energy balance. The energy "chi" (chi), according to the Chinese teachings, circulates throughout our body. If the correct flow of energy is disturbed or there is an energy imbalance - there is a headache. Acupuncture helps to restore the balance of energy and restore the mental, physical and emotional state.

According to scientific data, acupuncture results in the release of endorphins - natural sediments, stimulating pleasure centers and relieving pain. At the moment it is recognized that acupuncture helps with more than 30 pathological conditions, including headache, menstrual syndrome, lumbar pain, and others. With any chronic pain, acupuncture is perfectly suited as an additional treatment. In addition, the effect of acupuncture is prolonged and after the completion of the course of procedures lasts for several months.


Scientific research has shown that the positive effect of massage in the treatment of headache has not been proved. However, massage undoubtedly helps to relax, relieve stress and stress. Relaxation of the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders and neck improves the flow of blood to the brain. Therefore, if the pain is caused by muscle tension, then the massage is the best way out of the situation.


At present, among the many herbs offered for the treatment of migraines, the efficacy and safety of only the pyrethrum of the virgin (maiden grass) have been proven. The use of tincture of a girl's pyrethrum is often prescribed in the early stages of treatment before taking pills. These decoctions are safe, well tolerated and have virtually no side effects. However, in clinical studies, the therapeutic effect of this plant is not proved.

Essential oils

Another popular method now is aromatherapy. The use of aromatic lamps or even simple application to the skin helps to relax and relieve pain. Some studies have shown the effectiveness of lavender oils, ginger and peppermint in the fight against headache tension. However, there is no significant evidence of a therapeutic effect


Chocolate, hard cheese, citrus, red wine and some other foods often increase headaches in those who are prone to these people. As already mentioned in chronic pain, it is necessary to exclude any triggering factors (lack of sleep, stress, obesity). Therefore, it is very important to understand what products can cause you to increase the pain syndrome. To do this, you can simply start a diary in which you will celebrate what you ate and how it reflected on your well-being. Despite the fact that the evidence of dietary effects on headaches still does not exist, recent studies have shown a decrease in the number of migraine attacks with reduced intake of fat. In addition, such nutritional supplements as omega-3 fatty acids, melatonin and coenzyme Q10 have a beneficial effect.

Thus, a balanced diet that eliminates overeating and a large amount of fat high calorie foods helps to get rid of headaches.

However, in any case, before starting any treatment, taking supplements, using acupuncture or massage, you should consult your doctor.

How to cure migraine without pills
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