How to cure asthma with leeches

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It is known that with asthma there is a disorder of microcirculation at the level of the lymphatic and venous systems. Treatment with leeches in this case helps to correct this process, giving the body an effective effect - this procedure activates the protective functions of the body. It has long been known that the leeches' saliva has antispasmodic properties. And this is especially valuable in asthma, the attacks of which are accompanied by spasms of the bronchi.

Treatment with leeches is absolutely painless and recommended to people even with a very low pain threshold. The only thing that can deliver minimal discomfort is unusual feelings that are not at all like pain. Should I say that leeches need to be bought exclusively in the pharmacy and in no case catch themselves - leeches living in ponds, can infect an infection.

And leeches can be used many times, but no more than once every two months - they must have time to make hirudin - a specific healing substance. Keep these "doctors" in a regular jar with clean water, which should be pre-filtered or let it stand for at least two days. Remember - there are 10 leeches in a standard liter jar, and 50 people can eat in three liters. At the top of the jar should be covered with a thin cotton cloth (the knife will come down, and here, through the gauze, the leeches can get out). The water should be changed twice a week.

Hirudotherapy is contraindicated for pregnant women and those who have a rare diagnosis of hemophilia (suffered by Tsarevich Aleksey Romanov), hypotension, anemia and hemorrhagic diathesis. Please note - in a room where leeches will be treated, it should be fairly warm and fresh. Be sure to know - during the day before the procedure you can not use any perfume, creams and ointments for the body. And before you put leeches, you should wash out with soap (odorless) the part of the body where the blood vessels will be attached.

The pen must be placed in a glass tube or in a plastic plug from the bottle, open the end of the test tube to the skin - literally within a few minutes the leech itself sucks and the test tube can be removed. It is possible under a leech to put a piece of bandage or gauze - the leech in the process of sucking performs wave-like movements. It's absolutely not painful - it's just unpleasant. During the procedure, we have to lie down, putting the oil cloth just in case.

The procedure can take a different time - it all depends on how quickly the leech falls over and she will disappear. Some leeches last for half an hour, and some get drunk in just one and a half hours. After the procedure, place the bite to grease with iodine or alcohol, close with a cotton swab and apply a patch. The bandage will have to be changed - the wound after the procedure may slightly bleed.

When asthma, leeches are placed on the third intercostal space - this is the case between the spine and the shoulder blade. If hair grows in this place, it must be shaved before the procedure, and the skin is rinsed well, so that there is no scent of shaving means.

It is strictly forbidden to place leeches on the mucous membranes, on the eyelids, lips and cheeks. For the procedure, you can use 5-6 leeches. Every week, it is necessary to conduct 2 procedures (within two weeks), and then 1 procedure for 7-8 weeks. At the end of the course you need to take a break for 2 weeks. Traditionally 3 courses.

During attacks, put 3-5 leeches on the back and projection of the lungs. This procedure is repeated after 3 days. And then repeat it in 2 weeks.

How to cure asthma with leeches
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