How to cope with swaddling: from gymnastics to drugs

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Problems of rolling out, occurring on water, in air and on land, suffer more than 60% of the population of our planet. But the disease may be prevented.

Occasionally, it indicates the presence of any hidden disease, but most often it is a consequence of a weak vestibular apparatus. There are no universal methods of treatment and prevention of this syndrome, but there are ways to prevent an unwanted condition or reduce its weight.

Fresh air

At the first signs of rolling, fresh air should be provided: open the car window, climb the upper deck of the ship, or enable individual ventilation over his chair in the plane.

Correct posture

With a slimming syndrome it is desirable to choose the places where movement is felt the least: in the front seat of the car, in the middle of the vessel, in the front cabin of the ship, in an armchair, located above the wing of the plane. With the first signs of nausea, you should keep your head as straightforward as possible, close your eyes or look at a moving subject, for example on a TV screen, if it is located at the top of the bus.


An attack of nausea will help to remove taken inside a drop of essential oil of peppermint, mixed with honey or almond oil.

Folk remedies

Naturopaths actively use against the rolling of ginger in any form: you can eat slices of raw root, marinated, taken in the form of powder, capsules or added to tea. Its use does not cause any side effects.

Cold compress

It is believed that the ice pack applied to the head and neck while traveling helps to get rid of nausea. Ice can be replaced with damp cold cloth. The cold can be combined with a warm heater on the feet.


If nausea is not a sign of a serious illness, a simple massage of the chest and stomach will help to cope with swelling. If nausea intensifies, massage should be stopped.


Overeating or fasting only increases nausea. It is the most appropriate to take food for 1,5-2 hours before the trip. It should be light, low in fat but calorie. It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol. If nausea has begun, you can eat something sour (lemon, olives).

Medicinal prophylaxis

The choice of drugs depends on the degree of rolling and the form of the disease, the duration of the trip, the individual sensitivity to antibiotics.

You can use antihistamines or homeopathic remedies. It should not be forgotten that medicines for rolling out can cause side effects: drowsiness, retardation, weakness, and even the effect of memory loss. Therefore, the selection and administration of drugs should be agreed with the doctor and in no case exceed the dosage.

Vestibular training

In the fight against dulling helps to train the vestibular apparatus: rotational and kyivatnogo movement of the head, jumps, trampolines, swimming, gymnastics and jumping into water. Especially effective training in specialized clinics with the use of modern equipment in combination with individually selected pharmacological preparations.

Gymnastics from slipping

  • In standing position, legs at shoulder width, slow body turns 360 degrees, first clockwise, then against it. 2-3 times in each side with a gradual increase in load.
  • One leg is straight, the other is bent in the knee and raised. Raise your raised leg 2-3 times in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, first in the ankle, then in the knee and pelvic. Run the same with another leg.
  • Sitting on the chair, legs at right angles to the ground, slowly turning the head to the left and right 3 times; Inclination of the head to the left and right shoulders, also 3 times.
  • Sitting on a chair, fix a view at any point, then maximize your eyes to the right, return to the point again; Do the same to the left, up, down 3 times. You can try to do this exercise with your eyes closed.


At the first signs of nausea, you need to tightly drag your wrists with elastic bandages or tied belts to the stomach. This will create a pressure drop and help overcome nausea. You can also influence the point under the earlobe.


And finally, the mood with which a person goes on the road is of great importance. Autotraining and self-driving for a trip and during, pleasant music, memories or dreams of the future, which can be plunged into the transport, will surely deprive the burdensome expectation of an attack of nausea and add to the confidence that everything will go safely.

How to cope with swaddling: from gymnastics to drugs
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