How to cope with stress at work and come home in a good mood

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Stress and work go hand in hand with each other, so you have to learn not to pay attention to the stresses and conflicts within the team or to find solutions to problems in a way that is good for everyone. Probably, each of us faced with the fact that coming home from work, where there was a scandal, we break our anger on close people or just all evening sad.

Negative generates a negative, the other is not given. And if you are out of work in a bad mood, then most likely you will spoil it to those people who live with you. Nobody wants to be the object for breaking off anger and listening to a lot of statements about a bad boss and the injustice of being. Therefore, the experts gave a few tips to help you get rid of stress at work and leave the workplace already in a good mood and with a smile on his face:

1. They were upset, wept, shaken half an hour and enough! Learn to perceive criticism from the side of the bosses and their remarks as a call to action. If you have raised your voice and fined, then most likely the fault is only yours. Therefore, take your hands, correct the mistakes and show the "bad" boss their achievements, he will listen to you and cancel penalties, maybe even praise.

2. Play with the office, which is at your desk. Just five minutes, the expansion of pens and pencils will allow you to "forget" and stop the situation. You can do cleaning on the desktop, which also has a beneficial effect on the psyche and allows you to recover from stress.

3. Install in your office a boxing pear or dummy for beating. Spit your anger with sharp chaotic blows. Believe me, this tool will be used not only by you, it will fall to the heart of absolutely everything.

4. Call a friend or a loved one and just talk, agree on a meeting, plan the next evening together and so on. This telephone conversation will take you to normal and you will understand that stress should be left at work, because at home you love and wait, but you do not need evil and grieving.

5. Wash with cold water and eat something delicious that will make you relax and calm down. Just know the measure, and then to stress will add more and overeating, which will result in a set of extra pounds.

How to cope with stress at work and come home in a good mood
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