How to cope with neck pain at home

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Neck pain may occur for many reasons, including: tension when the cervical and shoulder muscles flow from the seat in an impassable position, the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, myositis - inflammation of the cervical muscles (pain is often present in it One-sided).

Therefore, it is important to know how to remove neck pain at home. As a means of rescue, various ointments, pills are often used. But there are national tools that are no less effective but safer.

So, for the removal of neck pain in the exacerbation of osteochondrosis, you can use a homemade ointment that is prepared as follows: take 5 grams of mummies, 1 tbsp. L Powder of red pepper and 100 g of honey, all put in a glass jar and put on a water bath. It is necessary to warm the mixture at low heat for about half an hour without causing boiling. The resulting balsam should be stored in the refrigerator, and if necessary, take 1 hour and mix the mixture and rub the neck and collar zone.

After recommended to tie a woolen scarf on top. It's good to do it for the night. Such compresses very well warm up, relieves pain and inflammation in the cervical vertebrae; in the morning it is possible to turn back and tilt without pain.

If the pain is strong and constricts, you can use it to eliminate cabbage compresses. To do this, you should take a leaf of fresh cabbage, repel it so that it lets out the juice, then put a thin layer of grated on a small gravel of commercial soap from above. Such a sheet is applied to the neck soap to the skin, and from above wrapped with polyethylene and tightly tightened, so that the compress hold on the neck all night. All this is wrapped around the wool scarf or scarf and stays all night. Already in the morning, the compress will well relieve the painful sensations in the neck and neck.

When exacerbation of the cervical osteochondrosis helps self-massage, which can quickly remove the pain and stiff neck. It is recommended to first rub the neck, neck and shoulders thoroughly with the sensation of warmth in them. Then you need to massage the most painful places on the neck, pressing with effort on each point until it does not feel numbness, and then massage the clockwise rotation of the fingers, gradually reinforcing the pressure.

Every such painful point should be massaged for 2-3 minutes. Then the indexing fingers with light circular motions should massage the superciliary arches from the pores to the center of the eyebrow. Then it is important to touch the fossa on the temples - this is especially revered in the Chinese massage "solar" points - universal for various types of pain. Massage the left and right whiskers at the same time.

Find the dots located under the hinges on the ears, and press the two points simultaneously with the pads of the middle fingers. Please note that massage is best done while sitting. All points need to be pressed with an average strength of 1 - 1.5 minutes for each.

How to cope with neck pain at home
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