How to communicate with invalent views

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Some specific features of communication with the visually impaired.

Today, more and more people are suffering from diseases associated with visual impairment. At the same time, society is not yet ready to accept disability as such, many believe that their disability will not be affected. Most people do not know how to communicate with the disabled, for example, in sight.

What is blindness and lack of vision

Vision is one of the senses of a person, mediated by the eyes, which allows you to see and perceive the surrounding world. Violation of sight leads to a reduction in the ability to perceive the surrounding reality, or until its complete absence.

Blindness is the inability to adequately perceive and assess the surrounding reality due to loss of vision in both eyes.

In ophthalmology, there are several gradations of blindness and visual impairment. Based on the degree, there are specific recommendations on how to communicate with the visually impaired.

Absolute blindness is characterized by the complete impossibility of determining the position of objects in space, as well as seeing the light. People with a similar impairment of visual functions are a small percentage of the total number of blind people, others in one way or another are able to see the light and determine the position of objects in space.

Close to completely blind people whose visual acuity is 5-10%, in this case, one needs to get closer to the subject at a distance of 5-8 cm to understand what is in front of him. At the same time only relatively large objects can be seen, reading, for example, the language does not go at all.

With a low vision, a person who can see from 20 to 40% in glasses or without points is recognized.

How to communicate with the visually impaired

In the presence of certain skills, the visually handicapped are fully capable of independent movement in space, on the street, using public transport, self-service for themselves and members of their family in everyday life.

However, if sighted people will know some of the characteristic features of interaction with people with disturbed vision, then the joy of communication will not be obscured by misunderstanding.

How to communicate with the visually impaired?

Here are some aspects of communication between the blind and sighted person.

  • To share with the blind any information, you need to do this in the form in which it is available to it, or, if that is not possible, provide it as it is. Perhaps a person can translate it into a format available to him (sound or write in Braille).
  • If you need to read aloud to the blind man something, it is advisable to warn him in advance, read in a normal voice and not try to retell if they are not asked for it.
  • If the blind man was in a new room for him, you need to give him the opportunity to orientate in space. You can, for example, tell him that the case is a closet, and right in front of the door - a window.
  • It is necessary to focus attention of the blind on dangerous items, as well as to avoid vague definitions, such as: "he is worth a mug of milk". Better to say that on the table near the window is a mug of milk, it is approximately in the middle.
  • When communicating it is necessary to always call themselves and other interlocutors, and at the call to call the person to whom the statement is addressed.
  • Offering a blind man to sit, you do not need to plant it, you need to put his hand on the back of the chair or armchair. The same applies to the transfer of objects - in this case, the human hand does not pull to the subject, but bring it to him or give it in hand.

These are some of the features of communication with people who have vision impairment. Taking advantage of them, you can make contact with the blind. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the blind man is no different from others, he has only poor eyesight, but this does not mean that communication is impossible.

How to communicate with invalent views
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