How to choose a toothpaste

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Incorrectly picked toothpaste can cause the development of oral cavity diseases.

Choosing a toothpaste is a much more responsible matter than the majority finds. Pastes are divided into several types, each of which is noticeably different from the other.


With the problems of oral cavity does not fight, but gives freshness. This class also includes children's pastes. It is important that the toothpaste for the child does not contain fluorine: this should be written on the package. The fact that children often can not yet rinse well, and the substances contained in the paste, getting inside, have a toxic effect. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose a baby's paste.

Therapeutic and prophylactic

Helps to prevent caries and periodontal disease. Such pastes contain fluoride, calcium compounds and even antibiotics. For example, triclosan, an antibiotic, effectively reduces the microbial microbial growth in the mouth. It reliably protects the oral cavity, and even food does not reduce its action. But we must remember that the treatment of such a paste will not work, it can provide only prevention.


This type of paste is suitable for those who have bleeding gums, there is a hypersensitivity of the tooth enamel - a painful reaction to sour, bitter, sweet, or already developed caries or parodontosis. The composition of medical pastes includes preserving tooth enamel fluorides, calcium substances, plant components (mint, sage, camomile), acting against inflammation.

To have the effect of a healing paste, you need to brush her teeth for 3-5 minutes.


Contains so-called abrasive particles (sodium bicarbonate, chalk or soda). They clean teeth from plaque and provide whitening. To estimate the degree of abrasiveness use the value of PPM (parts per million). If the level of PPM exceeds 25, daily use of such paste can damage your teeth - the enamel is thinned.

Choose a bleaching paste with a PPM level of up to 25 and use it no more than twice a week.

Expert commentary

Zhanna Chuyko, Ph.D., Director of Private Stomatology Studio:

"It is very important for the health of teeth to maintain a normal level of oral acidity throughout the day, and its lowering helps to prevent dandruff from washing out calcium. To avoid this, use a toothpaste with fluoride, rinse your mouth with water during the day, clean the interdental spots with special threads, Avoid using carbonated drinks, plenty of citrus fruits, and apples (help to acidify your oral cavity).

When choosing a toothpaste, give preference to the firm: the cheaper is less effective. In addition, toothpastes are better to alternate, then their effectiveness remains."

How to choose a toothpaste
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