How to choose safe anesthetics

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Anesthetics - the most popular and mandatory for the complete set of every home medicine kit. When choosing such medications for your first-aid kit you should take into account a few moments.

It is important to know that pain is a protective mechanism of the organism that was formed during the evolution, in such a way to warn people of any kind of malfunction in the body while it is not severely damaged. Pain mobilizes all the defenses of the body and it contributes to the fact that it restores its normal functions of all organs. It is important to understand that severe pain can lead to painful shock and even death. It is therefore important to first determine the cause of the pain. And then stop it and eliminate it. For this purpose, painkillers are used.

How to choose a quality drug in the present abundance and ubiquitous advertising? Specialists in the field of pharmaceuticals argue that the old, generations tested analgesics are not only more effective, but also safer new-fisted drugs, the effects of which have not yet been studied.

It is quite legitimate to assert that millions of drug names are now counterfeit, the stage of experiments by manufacturers is minimized in pursuit of profits. Unwanted side effects of many modern drugs begin to manifest themselves in a rather long period of time, when they already have time to harm the health of people. It happens that the proportion of negative side effects in comparison with the useful effect of drugs is even greater.

Doctors pay attention to this fact - if the substance present in medicines is strong enough to slow down the pain instantly, then the body will surely suffer from the influence of this substance indirectly - a blow to the liver, kidneys, and the digestive system will be given. And over time, there is an addiction to some drugs.

It is important when buying anesthetic drugs to read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the fact that each drug has its range of influence - for example, some analgesics only penetrate into the joints and relieve pain there. They also have their own peculiarities of application, including the combination with other drugs. Most analgesics corrode gastric mucosa, and take them only after eating.

Know that, for example, the popular analgin, which we drink from all problems, in Europe because of its toxicity at all removed from the sale, even in the form of combined medications, it is no longer used.

How to choose safe anesthetics
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