How to choose the right mattress

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The mattress is one of the most essential things in the bedroom, on it we restore strength after the work day, unload the muscles and backbone. That is why it should be qualitative.

Air mattresses

Air mattresses are used predominantly in hospitals, as they require a compressor that sounds loud enough.

To air mattresses include so-called portable mattresses-beds, which are pumped with a pump or automatically. However, one should understand that they are by no means called orthopedic, so sleep on them is not always possible.

Water mattresses

Water mattresses have a significant weight and require water replacement every two years. Therefore, such options are not available very often.

Spring mattresses

The most common mattresses are those based on a spring block. It is his quality and determines the length of life of the mattress. With bad springs, it quickly deposits and stops, and a quality mattress can serve for many years.

Currently, manufacturers of spring mattresses have switched to the manufacture of independent springs of pocket type. Unlike monolithic springs, such "sleeping bags" are much more convenient to operate.

The springs do not bind to each other, so there is no ugly creak that interferes with sleep, and the effect of the wave when pressing on one area of ​​the mattress reacts to its entire surface.

Between the upholstery and the springs, the mattress contains a filler that provides a redistribution of the load. He is also responsible for the stiffness-softness of the mattress.

Typically foam, horsehair, felt, coir or batting are used as filler. The latter, by the way, is the most unsatisfactory version. This is due to its rapid wear and loss of elasticity.

The furrow is well supported by the spine, but it can crumble and rush away if the manufacturer uses a low quality material. The disadvantage is that foam absorbs moisture.

Horse hair is comfortable and comfortable, but it can cause allergic reactions.

Latex and Kohira practically have no drawbacks, therefore they are used in almost all mattresses.

As an upholstery of a spring mattress it is recommended to choose a wear-resistant jacquard.

The ideal option is a quilted mattress, in which the upholstery fabric is laced together with the filler. It insures the mixing and knocking of materials and, accordingly, guarantees the comfort and durability.

Latex mattresses

These mattresses are foam rubber juice extract.

Such mattresses perfectly breathe, providing an unobstructed circulation of air. They are durable and durable. Of the minuses you can identify, apparently, only the price. Typically, latex mattresses are the most expensive.

How to choose the right mattress
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