How to test intestines: research

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Abdominal pains can be caused by various diseases of the small intestine. To accurately diagnose, conduct a special medical procedure. About how the intestines are checked, will be discussed below.

The procedure for medical examination of the intestine is colonoscopy. During this procedure, the doctor examines the colon with a probe trying to find a deviation. It is prescribed in the presence of a stool, abdominal distension, pain and secretions. This method helps to detect colitis, cancer and gastric polyps in a timely manner.

Preparation for the intestinal examination procedure

Manipulations that need to be done before examining the intestines are not particularly complex. The procedure itself should not cause complications: it is painless, and light discomfort can be minimized by the use of antispasmodics. The painlessness of the check depends also on the modern equipment and compliance with the rules of disinfection.

As in polyclinics check the intestines

  • Often the X-ray machine is used to check the intestines. He can detect bleeding in the stomach and perforation. This method of clinical examination is prescribed for complaints of a patient with severe pain in the abdomen, signs of internal bleeding or anemia. In order to improve the effectiveness of the procedure, the patient is given a contrast;
  • How to check the walls of the intestines for the presence of diseases through endoscopy, it is also easy to describe. Inside, a special device is introduced, which helps to inspect the internal surface of the intestine and conduct tissue biopsy;
  • Computer tomography makes it possible to check the presence of small intestine tumors. A special device makes snapshots of this part of the body from different angles and creates their three-dimensional image. This method is good because it can be used as a prevention;
  • Ultrasound examination can also detect bowel disease. This is one of the safest methods. It does not damage the mucous membrane, provides more accurate information on the walls of the intestine and the state of the lymph nodes. The medical procedure does not last long and does not cause discomfort;
  • How the intestines are checked by video is not a mystery. After special capsules have been fixed on the patient's body, he swallows a miniature camcorder that resembles a regular tablet in size. Within 8 hours, this device will carry out the intestinal tract. To ensure that the quality of the video allows you to correctly diagnose, the patient's stomach should be empty.

To apply one of the described methods of studying the organs of digestion is immediately after the discovery of one or more signs of intestinal disease. Only timely treatment to the doctor will save you from many unpleasant moments of treatment.

How to test intestines: research
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