How to cause vomiting after eating

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Every person at least once in a life was asked how to cause vomiting after eating. We will try to figure out what is needed to cause vomiting and how to do it.

By causing vomiting, a person helps his body cope with the symptoms of poisoning, overeating, alcohol intoxication, etc. In order not to allow harmful substances to be processed in the digestive tract, after eating it is necessary artificially to cause vomiting. Consider the most commonly used methods.

How to cause vomiting after eating

In emergency cases, when after eating it is necessary to cause vomiting, most people resort to one of the most commonly used methods. Each of them is quite effective and repeatedly tested in practice.

  1. This method will help to understand how it is best to cause vomiting after eating, without any tools and special devices. One or two fingers of the hand need to touch the base of the tongue, thereby irritating and provoking a vomiting reflex. About how to cause vomiting after eating with your fingers, almost everyone knows. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to use additional means.
  2. An equally popular method of causing vomiting after eating is the use of potassium manganese. The recipe for making the solution is simple. In a liter of warm boiled water, take a small amount of manganese to make the solution get a pale pink shade. To cause an emetic reflex, it is necessary to drink the prepared solution to the bottom. If this method does not cause vomiting after eating, do not use it using fingers as described above.
  3. If you can hardly tolerate the smell of manganese, instead of it you can use cooking salt to prepare the solution. It is necessary to prepare a light saline solution, and the water should be warm. Toss off.

After cleansing the stomach by one of the above methods, you can proceed to further manipulations. And in case of poisoning, it is necessary to turn to the doctor further.

How to cause vomiting after eating with medication

If the generally accepted methods for some reason did not succeed, you can cause vomiting with the help of special medications: the medications contribute to the rapid removal of poisonous substances from the stomach. In addition, often used drugs that not only cause vomiting, but also have an expectorant effect. The most commonly used "apomorphine" and "lycorin": with these and other drugs can stimulate the vomiting reflex and cause vomiting.

All methods described in this article are more effective. However, in any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor on this issue, especially if all symptoms of poisoning are present.

How to cause vomiting after eating

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