How to break a dental tooth in a child: useful tips

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For each child, the age at which his teeth begin to change, is different. Therefore, to hurry events and think about how to tear a milk tooth, it is not worthwhile: it should only be done if you notice that the tooth of the child began to swing.

How to tease a milk tooth? First, try to do this with minimal stress for the baby. Cessation of the tooth in its essence - a small operation, so the answer to this question should be with all seriousness. Earlier in the crowd, when teething a milk tooth, parents used the proverb: "Bear, we give you a milk tooth, and you give us a root", and then put it under the child's pillow, in order to be able to detect a small coin on the spot in the morning. In this case, the entire process was surrounded by a halo of mystery, which was very effective and beneficial to the child's psyche. And today, before you rip a milk tooth, make sure that the process is as easy as possible for the child and did not injure his psyche. How to properly tear your teeth? Let's try to figure it out

How To Pull A Milk Tooth: Stages

It is imperative for each parent to understand that the complexity of the procedure for tooth extraction is mainly in the emotional state of the baby. And even if the pain is not strong, the psyche of the child can be irreparably harmed: you first spoil the child's attitude to any dental manipulation, and then, on the chair of the dentist, you will not be able to force him to open his mouth. Before proceeding to remove the milk tooth, talk with the baby, for example, a cup of delicious tea. So the child will calm down and adequately perceive the information. Then proceed with the following:

  1. First, feed the baby, as after removing the tooth for 2-3 hours, it will not be possible to take food. Immediately after the milk tooth is removed, take a child or a cartoon, or a game - it will help to avoid unpleasant consequences if the baby starts to touch the grass hole in the gums.
  2. Since you and your child have already decided to dig a milk tooth, carefully carry out hygienic procedures in the oral cavity. Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with a tooth elixir, in order to reduce the amount of bacteria in it that can cause inflammation.
  3. To begin to shake the tooth with your fingers with soft and gradual movements. Then tighten it with a dense thread soaked in an alcoholic solution.
  4. Pull the tooth out of the thread to the side, and then a little down. So you quickly and painlessly break it without wounding at the same time clear.

The procedure for extracting a milk tooth by its very nature is not particularly complicated. It is most difficult to persuade a child to carry out manipulation. That's why do not forget that the psychological preparation of your baby in this case - the main thing: only it will help you to avoid many unpleasant consequences in the future and protect the child from prejudices in the treatment of teeth.

How to break a dental tooth in a child: useful tips

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