How to whiten teeth at home

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How to whiten teeth at home? This problem is relevant to many modern men and women, whose work schedule sometimes does not allow them to apply for such services in the dentist's office.

Looking at the snow-white smiles of cinema actors and pop stars, each of us has repeatedly thought about what is needed in order to look attractive and charming. Being engaged in the daily vanity of urban life, far from everyone can afford to regularly allocate time to procedures for whitening the dentist's office. That is why many are asked how to whiten teeth at home.

The reason for the appearance of jaundice on the teeth

The direct appearance of the teeth depends on the condition in which their outer protective layer - enamel - is located. If you do not know how to whiten your teeth at home, then over time they will definitely yell. This is due to the fact that the tooth enamel has the ability to thinnish, and dentin, a substance of yellow color, which is located directly under the outer layer, gradually begins to penetrate the surface. In the first place, the teeth begin to turn yellow in the amateurs to enjoy something sweet.

Methods of teeth whitening at home

There are several ways to help solve the problem of how to whiten your teeth at home. To do this, you can use different means, always at hand at the caring owner.

  1. Food Soda. In order to provide your teeth with the former linen, dip the toothbrush into a concentrated solution of soda. If the sensitivity of your teeth is increased, you can apply soda to the bandage and gently rub their surface.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide The results of bleaching by this means will be visible after the first procedure. After a standard cleansing of the oral cavity with a toothpaste, rinse your mouth with peroxide for one minute. It is also possible to use a cotton swab damp in peroxide.
  3. Decoction of oak bark. Regular rinsing of the oral cavity with this tool will help not only solve the problem of how to whiten teeth at home, but also strengthen thinner enamel, will remove small gum infections.
  4. Wood ashes. This tool, oddly enough, also works well with the task of returning to the teeth of the former lingerie at home. Microscopic crystals of potassium hydroxide, which is one of the elements that are part of the ashes, perfectly remove yellow plaque. Ash can be applied to the brush in pure form or mixed with your toothpaste.
  5. Strawberries and strawberries. These berries are an indispensable tool that can make your teeth white with only a few treatments. If you squeeze berries and use them as a toothpaste, then the natural bleaching agent will help you to cope with the problem.

Now you do not need to trim your time on visiting a professional dentist in your schedule. After all, you know at least five effective ways to whiten your teeth at home.

How to whiten teeth at home
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