How to avoid jumping: the best ways tested in practice

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With the arrival of the summer we travel more, more and longer distances. But any trip and premonition of a holiday, meeting with the sea or the hugs of relatives and friends, to whom you went to visit, may spoil the traffic intrusions. One should immediately warn everyone suffering from this ailment - there is no universal remedy for this problem. There are a number of measures that can prevent you from slipping in the vehicle.

These include medicines - there is a whole range of adaptive medicines that can ease life while traveling. Antihistamines, anticholinergics and psychostimulants (amphetamines) are used as prevention prophylaxis. But in this case it is necessary to consult physicians and readiness for side effects - many drugs cause drowsiness, dry mouth and disturbance of accommodation.

In addition to medications, you can train your body to independently control vegetative reactions using biological feedback. There is a whole set of exercises to strengthen the vestibular apparatus, which is the main cause of deflection in transport.

But what to do if the trip turned out to be spontaneous, the trip is not planned, and at all never do gymnastics and run into the pharmacy for pills? In these cases, you will benefit from popular, proven means for which you always have handy ingredients. It is noted that such aids sometimes help better all kinds of pills and are absolutely harmless to children.

Tea brewing The easiest way - you need to launder dry green tea. It is absolutely nasty to taste and quickly relieves nausea, attacks of heat or chills.

Mint, honey and lemon These products are versatile and can be combined in different ways - in any case, they will be effective. You can brew mint tea with lemon (2 tablespoons of mint on 2 cups of water) and add lemon. And then drink this drink in a snack with honey.

Ginger The root of ginger should be taken as a ground powder an hour before travel. It will be enough to 1 gram. Grab the gingerbread if it is at hand or caramel with ginger.

Sailors who sometimes suffer from "seasickness" recommend wounding their wrists with an elastic bandage. In this case, the effect of the pressure drop works. You can click on the dots above the earlobe - the nudity adventure goes away.

But here's another proven, grandmother way: you need to stick a plasterboard on the navel. Try it - do not hurt it, it's for sure!

How to avoid jumping: the best ways tested in practice
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