How to avoid flatbed in children

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Flatulence in children is more dangerous than in adults, because it progresses faster and brings physical pain and loss of health for life, from younger years.

Flatbed is a deformation of the foot in the form of flattening the arches with the loss of the ability to depreciate when moving. This deformation is formed due to the weakening of the muscles that support the vault of the foot and provide its elastic qualities, with all the load lies on ties that extend and flatten the foot.

Flattening the foot leads to a breach of posture in children, as it affects the position of the pelvis and the spine. Children who suffer from flat feet have an uneasy tense course, they are very stupid, waving their hands, clubfoot and walking with their legs bent. The reason for this is disturbance of the reference function and circulation of the lower extremities. Because of flatbed and posture, and the course is disturbed from small years.

Flatulence in children can develop for a number of reasons. In addition to the congenital, flatulence is acquired as a result of a trauma or a disease of rickets or poliomyelitis, but most often this disease develops from static stresses. Static stress relates to a lifestyle that can be corrected.

Static loads include excess weight, long standing or walking. Excess weight load of its own weight on an unstable muscular-ligated foot apparatus is present in abusive children or in children who have started to stand or walk too early. In children who began to walk early, their legs are distorted in their own weight in the form of letters x or o. For the same reason, children have long walks or long standing on their legs. The formation of the foot is badly affected by the prolonged wearing of children in soft shoes without a rim.

The best prevention of abnormal posture and flatulence in children is the proper organization of adult lifestyles. You need to eliminate unnecessary static loads, help the child to acquire the skills of correct movements and correct position of the body in a static state and in a dream, wear the right shoes, alternate active physical exercises with periods of rest in a calm condition.

It is useful to do foot massage and warm baths to improve blood flow, strengthen muscle tone. For training muscles and ligaments useful therapeutic exercises, which can be done daily in the home. The child must be mobile, this is an important condition for his development, with the exception of one - all active loads (as well as rest) should be limited in time. The child's foot, unlike the adult, is very elastic and mobile, its formation is not finished yet, so it is not adapted for static loads.

When loaded the vault of the foot become more dense, and after it restored its shape at the expense of muscle contraction. With prolonged loading, there is a steady flattening of the foot due to overfatituous muscles, and if this condition is repeated - flattening develops. Parents and educators should be attentive to all the trifles in the process of growth and development of the child in order to take corrective measures in a timely manner. The reward for them will be saved or returned to the child's health, because flatulence is curable only in childhood.

How to avoid flatbed in children

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