How to avoid pain in the back

5 Steps To Lower Back Pain Relief (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

In order to reduce the risk of back injuries and the development of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, one should adhere to a number of simple tips.

The back is one of the most vulnerable places in the body. Its smallest damage is serious pain and can ruin mobility. That is why, for the majority of injuries, the patient is prescribed a strict bed rest with the preservation of the property of the spine.

In order to prevent serious back injuries, you must carefully consider your health.

The right posture from childhood

The basis of most chronic diseases of the back in people of age is the incorrect posture posture from the very childhood. Distortion of the spine negatively affects the state of the body - the load is distributed incorrectly, which leads to the displacement of vertebral disks and the appearance of intervertebral hernias, which can only be eliminated from the operable route or through long and expensive sessions in the manual therapist.

Therefore, from the very childhood, when the body only develops, it is necessary to pay attention to the posture. The correct posture will help you to do regular gymnastics, swimming and attending other sports sections.

Mattress and pillow

Almost a third of our lives we spend on sleep. And the wrong mattress often causes back pain and general breakdown in the morning.

The market for orthopedic furniture and related accessories is quite wide. So everyone will be able to find a bed and mattress not only on medical grounds, but also on the basis of aesthetic wishes. It is worth remembering that the bed should not be too rigid, but at the same time it should remain comfortable.

It is also useful to buy a special pillow that will support the head on one level with the whole body. This will relieve the load both from the cervical spine, and with the entire back as a whole.

Sedentary work

In most people, the job is seated, so that the office chair or chair can safely be called the second home. The chair should be height-adjustable, to have a rigid but flexible back, which can be relied on from time to time, reducing the load on the spine, and an additional section that will support the waist in the correct position.

Every hour and a half you need to do a little warm up, rising from the chair. It will help not only improve blood circulation in the body and relax the spine, but also lift the mood.

How to avoid pain in the back

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