How seals affect the health of teeth

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If you decide to go to the doctor to treat your teeth and put a seal, one must understand that such an intervention will necessarily affect, at least, the six closest to the diseased teeth - they will soon become caries. And so you will have to go to the dentist again.

Such a relationship was discovered and announced by scientists from one of the institutes in Oslo (Norway). Here, for several years, research was carried out on the effects of sealing. The issue was carefully studied, how much injury from dental intervention makes adjacent teeth more prone to infection and tooth decay. And, as it turned out, adjacent teeth become very vulnerable.

It turned out that for 6 of the 10 closest teeth, close to the sealed, there appeared quite tangible caries for five years. At the same time, one third of such "candidates" will in turn need to be sealed. It turns out the "domino" effect.

Scientists have called such a phenomenon an "infection effect" when the disease is transmitted from one tooth to another according to the principle of a viral illness. The reason for this phenomenon is that the dentist accidentally damages the adjacent teeth during tooth filling. Well, then everything goes along the chain.

The Norwegian researchers concluded that "dental intervention can cause more harm than good." So what do people do if one tooth needs sealing, but do not want to risk the rest? So far, this question remains unanswered - dentists have not come to a common opinion.

At this stage, you can safely recommend the following - you need to carefully take care of the teeth from an early age, to carry out all the proper hygienic procedures. If dental care is not avoided, then the health care of the oral cavity should be maximized - it's best to reduce the consumption of sweets and to regularly brush your teeth.

Probably, dentistry will soon make a breakthrough in its development and the problem of "dominoes" during the sealing will be ruled out. And here's another unexpected discovery of scientists - do not hurry to brush your teeth right after eating. As it turned out, food and drinks soften the tooth enamel and violate the acid-base balance in the mouth, making the teeth more vulnerable. And if you start to clean them with a rigid brush immediately after eating, then the chance to injure the tooth enamel is increasing.

Specialists in the field of dentistry are advised to start tooth brushing 30 minutes after eating. And before this process it is useful to drink milk, which restores acid-base balance.

How seals affect the health of teeth

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