How not to fall asleep during work: proven ways

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Office workers, like no other, experience such a phenomenon - a creepy desire to fall asleep, right in the workplace. Eyes are closed by themselves, slowing down the breath and so slipping into a dream, but what do they do when they want to sleep during work? Experts are convinced that the easiest way not to fall asleep at the desk is to get rid of at night. But some people will not agree, because even when they fall out at night, they still want to sleep at work.

The blame for everything can be atmospheric pressure, weather, poor nutrition and boring monotonous work, when a man can not resist the desire to close his eyes and see colorful dreams. In this case, the following tips will come in handy:

1. Fan the room or go outside to breathe fresh air. Oxygen will get into your blood and brain, and the dream will evaporate by itself.

2. Wrap ginger drink. For this, you will need ground ginger or a couple of fresh ginger root slices, which you need to pour boiling water, let it stand for 15 minutes, add a piece of lemon and a spoon of honey. This drink will give you a sense of vivacity, charge energy and plus everything, strengthen your immune system.

3. Eat some fresh fruit or vegetable, which is saturated with fast carbohydrates, which provide energy for a long time.

4. Put on the desktop a bottle of essential oil of cinnamon or cardamom and as soon as you want to sleep, inhale the scent of butter. After a few minutes you will become cheerless and your eyes will stop shutting down.

5. Diversify the workflow if you have a dull job. Take up some kind of task that can "make you".

6. Jump or sit down several dozen times, during physical exercises of blood is dispersed, thereby providing man with cheerfulness.

7. If you really want to sleep, allow yourself 10-15 minutes to "disconnect" from work and take a nap. Ask colleagues to wake you at the appointed time and, if necessary, "cover up" before the bosses. But we are all humans and this can happen to everyone.

8. Turn on the rhythmic music that helps to improve the mood and desire to get up to dance. Of course, music should sound from your headphones, not the entire office.

9. Wash with cold water and wash your hands. Water is awesome, so in your case it's a way out. 10. Call the person with whom you always have fun and enjoyable communication. Just 5 minutes and you are ready to start work again.

How not to fall asleep during work: proven ways
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