How not to get into bite, noting holidays - the advice of doctors

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The New Year is approaching, pleasing and frightening of future temptations. How to survive these wonderful holidays and not go into bite? It is known that specialists divide people into three subgroups: in the first group - a quiet attitude to alcohol, people from the second group drink spirits in moderate doses, and the last, the third subgroup are people who are prone to hookah. Therefore, it is extremely important to know exactly how the last category of citizens does not enter the "cool peak" and spend holidays in full consciousness, enjoying the communion eaten and drunk.

Doctors have given those who have a tendency to go bite, a few simple rules how to avoid this.

Discard alcohol - knowing for itself such a weakness as lack of brakes, it will be better and not start to drink. Remember that if you allow yourself to drink, then the consequences may be most insensitive. Agree with relatives and friends to support you in this decision.

Minimize celebration in drinking companies. Do not be offended by your best friends, you must convince them that their company may be badly affected by your decision and get bored.

Prepare the preventive measures in advance: take away (while there is time) a course of various complex phytopreparations - they will relieve you of traction to alcohol, normalize your sleep, actively remove from the body the slags and toxins. One of the effective drugs in this group is ALCOFARM, which eliminates pathological craving for alcohol, improves liver function, quality of sleep and mood, reduces nervousness and irritability.

Remember that if you still gave slabinka and drank, then it is better to immediately contact a specialist. So far, the situation has not worsened - the bellies need qualified help from specialists.

You can take such drugs as sorbents, among which ALKO-GON has proven itself well. It can be taken before or during the use of alcohol. The drug will bind and remove from the body products of disintegration of alcohol, reliably protecting from intoxication, and hence from unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, as well as prevent entry into bite.

You can pre-drink antidepressants ("Sedanov", "Glycine Forte", "Biorhythm Antistress 24 day/night"). They will effectively relieve nervous tension and irritability, improve sleep and mental performance.

It is also worthwhile to drink the means for improving the liver, which will have the main load (fitocomplexes "Antitox" and "Gepatrin"). Such drugs will protect the liver from the effects of drugs and alcohol, clear from slags and toxins, normalize the work of the liver and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

And the last tip is to take diuretic drugs (for example, phytopreparations "Milon-14" and "nephrosist"). Such agents have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties and improve the functioning of the kidneys.

How not to get into bite, noting holidays - the advice of doctors

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