How not to confuse pneumonia and tuberculosis

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In our society, the number of people suffering from tuberculosis is constantly increasing. It is influenced by a lot of factors: someone late turns for medical help, doing a long time treating bronchitis or pneumonia, someone is in a social group at risk, and someone is a complication of a professional disease.

In order for a rational treatment of tuberculosis to be carried out to prevent further infection, improve the quality of life of patients and prognosis, it is important to know how it differs from inflammation of the lungs. After all, the clinic and the nature of the course of tuberculosis and pneumonia are very similar. For their differences, you need to know the history, clinic, laboratory and radiological data.

Pneumonia begins acutely, develops rapidly, its cause may be:

  • Overcooling
  • Previous flu diseases, bronchitis, other viral infections;
  • Impairment of immunity, for example, against radiation background or chemotherapy.

Tuberculosis also has a sharp beginning most often. Often the patient was surrounded by people with tuberculosis: either he was in places of detention or worked in anti-TB dispensaries.

Clinical picture of inflammation of the lungs is expressed in the rise of the temperature of general weakness, lethargy. The sharp increase in temperature changes with a sharp (critical) decrease in temperature, which leads to sweating, severe weakness. In diseased people there is a pain in the chest, which increases when inhaled (broken pleura) and shortness of breath. Cough in such patients with sputum (called "vitreous" or "rusty").

But tuberculosis, unlike pneumonia, can develop gradually, cough is sometimes held for 3-4 months with sputum mucus or mucous-purulent nature, hemoptysis. Pay attention - at tuberculosis the patient starts to lose weight quickly catastrophically. It reduces appetite, there is a night sweating. In such people on the cheeks there is an unhealthy flush, glare in the eyes. The temperature remains low-feminine, has a cyclic nature, the process proceeds wavelike.

But it happens that tuberculosis begins acutely, with high fever, cough. In this case, carry out additional studies to distinguish it from pneumonia.

There is the so-called "golden rule", which helps distinguish tuberculosis and pneumonia, which was known in the early twentieth century: When tuberculosis is characterized by scanty auscutable data, which are combined with extensive lung lesions, visible in X-ray diagnostics. When inflammation of the lungs and moderate changes in the tissue visible on the x-ray, auscultational picture is very diverse - wheezing, crepitation.

How not to confuse pneumonia and tuberculosis

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