How does deep caries treat?

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Today, most people are trying to give their teeth more and more attention, because the problem with caries is much easier to solve at an early stage of development. In case of a timely treatment of a dentist, deep caries will not take away much time, effort and money.

Deep caries is the most complicated and final stage of caries. This disease affects the layers of dentin, which entails a serious destruction of the surface of the tooth. In this case, the caries tooth from the pulp is separated only by a thin and mild layer of dentin, so the treatment of deep caries can in no case be delayed. Deep caries can occur:

  • Primary - from the surface or middle caries;
  • The second time - under seals, with skins, defects or after previous treatment.

As a rule, deep caries leads to significant damage to the fabric of the tooth. Hanging over the edges of the enamel, the remaining tissue can hide the defect, however, after removing the surface layer of enamel and thorough examination, a large carious cavity appears. Therefore, so that deep caries and its treatment do not catch you by surprise, do not delay the trip to the doctor.


Symptoms of deep caries are painful when probing the carious surface. Acute pain arises as a result of falling into the carious cavity of food residues. Also, very often the pain occurs during temperature changes, for example: cold or hot food, drinks. Therefore, at the first symptoms of deep caries, it should be treated immediately.

Deep caries treatment

Treatment for deep caries usually begins with professional diagnosis, then the front of the work is indicated and anesthetized. Treatment continues through careful cleaning of the carious cavity from soft dentin. In severe cases, this disease affects the pulp, then the dentist has to spend depulpting the tooth.

In the treatment of deep caries, the dentist uses various antiseptics, calcium gaskets, isolating fluorine-containing sealants. If deep caries treatment is timely and qualified, then a live tooth can safely be preserved, even if there is a strong destruction of dentin. But if the treatment is delayed, then most of the problem tooth is removed.

It is very important to understand that it is desirable to apply to the dentist even in the early stages of the disease, when the caries looks like a spot, and only begins to strike the enamel of the tooth. At an early treatment, the doctor may confine himself to a solution to restore tooth enamel. In addition, used in the treatment of dental caries, modern materials can maintain the color, shape and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of deep caries, he needs to be treated further in the embryo.

Thanks to modern anesthesia, which uses effective drugs, in our time, dentistry can cure from deep caries completely painless.

How does deep caries treat?
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