How dangerous is minus 2?

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Many of us face the problem of deteriorating vision. Most often it does not spoil too fast. For example, having noticed problems and turning for help to an ophthalmologist, a person finds in his eyes a minus 2.

Often people are even frightened by slight changes in sight, because there is a risk of further deterioration. And it seems reasonable to stop the process at an early stage. In more overdue cases, it will be more difficult to fight.

Zero minus 2: the main causes and methods of treatment

There are several different factors that affect the deterioration of vision, for example, to the number minus 2. A competent oculist will necessarily complete a survey. So he will be able to establish the exact cause or a combination of several reasons.

Pure spasm of accommodation can be corrected without the help of the operation. For this disease there is a special complex of procedures. In the case of axial progressive myopia, they perform an operation that strengthens the eyes and prevents visual impairment. Sometimes the retina is strengthened by a laser. A vision of minus 2 is eliminated by laser correction. In the case of stable myopia, there are a number of contraindications for laser correction:

  • Keratoconus;
  • glaucoma;
  • Progressive changes in the lens.

Identify their presence or absence - the task of an experienced ophthalmologist. With a competent approach, this method is very accurate and effective and gives excellent results.

Zero minus 2: be careful!

Unfortunately, recently there was a lot of fraudsters in this area of ​​medicine. They offer great versatile ways to treat short-sightedness minus 2 without surgery. You should be careful about similar ads. Causes of the eye, equal to minus 2, are different. So, the approach should not be universal, but individual, taking into account the characteristic features of the patient's health.

Different types of eye exercises with a minus (2) sight are not always effective. They sometimes help, but it will take a lot of time to complete the exercises. If the lesson is stopped, the vision will deteriorate again. This gymnastics is completely absurd in such diseases as:

  • glaucoma;
  • Myopysing cataract;
  • Keratoconus

Orthoceratological lenses can cause improvement of vision, but only for an hour. Dress them for the night. They change the shape of the cornea for a short time. They can be used when urgently needing to improve vision for any event. And even a brief improvement they will give only in the case of uncomplicated short-sightedness in a weak degree.

Note that in any case, it is very important to find an experienced ophthalmologist. Of course, any visual changes require correction. However, it is very dangerous to get into the hands of frank swindlers or simply inexperienced doctors. A professional will be able to conduct all necessary examinations and make the right conclusions based on their results. And only he can then appoint a treatment that is appropriate for this particular case.

How dangerous is minus 2?
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