How the crisis influences on our health

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The fact that in Ukraine a serious economic crisis, it is clear to everybody. Fluctuations in exchange rates are ultimately reflected in our health. What awaits us in the near future and how to minimize risks?

Medications and medical services

Rising prices for imported medicines have already been noticed by many who buy them regularly. Unfortunately, this is not the limit, moreover, domestic drugs are also rising, although not to such an extent.

The same applies to any medical services, prices for them grow not so fast, but there is nowhere to go.

If you have a chronic illness in which you need regular medication, and there is a small amount of money, buy now a large supply of drugs, just take into account the expiration date.

This is a good investment of a depreciated ruble, and now in many pharmacies it is still possible to find medicines from past deliveries at lower prices. It is also convenient to look for online pharmacies, where it is also easier to order a large batch.

Of course, it will not work out tests in favor or undergo external massage, but if you need to cure or paste your teeth for some time, do some cosmetic surgery, it's time to do it now.

Useful products

Even in the course of the previous financial crises, it is known that during this period, shops that sell expensive high-quality goods often burn out, and, on the contrary, the networks of budget stores are beginning to flourish.

People are again looking for sausage and cheese cheaper, and from vegetables and fruits they refuse at all, which can not but affect the health.

Thus, red fish (salmon and trout) and some other useful fish species will become even less accessible; the price for imported pasta of hard wheat, not to mention whole wheat flour, high-quality tea and coffee and even good alcohol (and When high-quality alcohol becomes inaccessible, people are looking for its cheap substitutes).

Sausage products and sausages with a high proportion of soy milk, milk products from the dry milk… The list can be continued for a long time.

The way out is to spend more time choosing and buying products if you can not spend more money.

Carefully study the composition of goods, read testimonials on the Internet and the results of examinations - you do not need to spoil your health clearly with low-quality products.

Look for locally produced products, albeit not like imported ones, to which you are accustomed, but natural and qualitative.

Finally, explore culinary sites in search of original recipes for low-cost simple products. Something you can buy in small shops, monitor the sites of the nearest shops before the campaign for discounts and promotions.

So, for all this will take more time, but we always save time or money, and here it is not worth saving on health.


Many far away from the economy today people are tracking exchange rates and oil prices, read articles from economists and include news to hear another forecast.

Messages about how the situation worsens and that we all wait, crowded social networks, where the photo of currency boards superseded even the traditional photos of boars.

The result is constant stress, and even periods of a real panic. And how such emotions are reflected on health, and should not be explained.

Ask yourself if something helps you with the information you eat in huge amounts of TB and the Internet. In 99% of cases, it does not help you in any way. Of course, if you are not a trader and your work is not directly related to the exchange rates.

Everything that happens in the country and in the world economy is not up to you, it's like a natural disaster that needs to be experienced. The state of constant depression does not contribute to this.

Try to restrict the flow of unnecessary negative information to you. This does not mean that you need to wear pink glasses, just focus on your affairs, family care, work, health, children - all that depends on you.

Leisure and leisure

Ticket prices have grown and continue to grow, and during the period of financial instability, many choose to limit spending on vacation and leisure.

By the way, he completely refuses to leave, preferring to earn extra money, someone cancels the trip and spend the whole vacation on the same TV or computer, watching the situation in the country.

But because rest is necessary in order to survive the forces of the most simple times, work for the demolition leads to breakdowns and exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Find out for yourself that a good rest is just as urgent as products and medications. And, based on this statement, plan your expenses.

Let you give up some kind of pre-crisis habits, but you can arrange a good vacation for you at a lower cost.

Think about a trip in the closest cities instead of Europe, renting a cottage with another family for a couple of weeks instead of a trip to the sanatorium.

Finally, you can fully relax and just stay at home - go for a walk, skiing and skating, visit interesting events in your city, the main thing, do not stay for the rest of your vacation in bed in a hug with a laptop and gloomy thoughts.

How the crisis influences on our health
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