Household injury: varieties, characteristics

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The risk of a household injury is that even through a small garden, the infection can penetrate into the body. Consequently, in the event of an injury, it is necessary to quickly provide first aid to the victim.

Household injury is internal or external damage to body fragments by various household objects. Bite injury can have various consequences for the adult and the child. If a person is injured, it is necessary to show his doctor - it is easier to prevent the development of the disease than to treat its consequences.

Methods of treatment of domestic injuries

The most common household injury from housewives is cuts, sores and burns from home appliances. Remember that wounds, scratches and glands can be filled with powder medications. It is also forbidden to put cotton wool on the wound surface. If you are injured, neutralize the site of lesion with antiseptic and tightly hold the wound using several layers of sterile bandage.

If the ground or dirt hits the wound, it is better to go to the doctor's reception, because any foreign body in the wound can cause inflammation in the body of the victim. When striking and stretching, use elastic bandages, cold compresses and medical bubbles with ice or water.

In the event of a household injury, especially if it was provoked by the fall, observe the general condition of the patient's body - possible attacks of vomiting, nausea, dizziness. With such symptoms it is better to go to a medical institution.

How to protect yourself from personal injury

No injuries received in living conditions, no one is insured - neither an adult nor a child. However, there are many ways to make the home environment less traumatic. Try to use furniture without sharp edges, especially in children's rooms and kitchens. In each apartment there are necessarily places with high risk of domestic injuries. List some tips for specific residential areas.

  1. Kitchen.
  • When eating it is better to put hot dishes at the center of the table - it will protect you and your loved ones from dropping the contents of the plate to your knees. During lunch, if you cover the table with a tablecloth, do not forget to attach it to the table so that it does not move.
  • Detergents are better to clean away from cooking areas.
  • After each meal, remove knives and forks.
  • Before cooking in the oven, hang special knobs on the oven knob - this will help prevent burns.
  1. Bathroom.
  • To protect yourself from getting a household injury, use tiled floor mats. Wipe the bathroom floor after each bathing.
  • In the bathroom itself it is necessary to put a special pad on velcro.
  • Control the water temperature in the bath - its optimal value should not be more than 50 degrees.

Household injury indoors - a very common phenomenon. To comfortably live in an apartment and minimize the occurrence of traumatic situations to a minimum, review your habits, the state of things in the rooms, remove all sharp objects, hide the protruding wires.

Household injury: varieties, characteristics
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