Hormonal disorders in women: causes, signs and implications

Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women | Women'S Health (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

A balanced hormonal background for women is a guarantee of the health of reproductive functions of the weak sex, which is important in the general social aspect. If there are any hormonal disorders, then there are specific problems - women begin regular menstrual cysts, the syndrome of climax is revealed, pregnancy is very difficult and pathological births occur. Another big problem for a woman is the inability to get pregnant.

It is necessary to know that in the body of a woman there are both female and male hormones. And as long as their number is balanced, the body of the woman is all right. But when there are failures and there is an imbalance - there are pathological conditions, among which leading diseases of gynecological organs.

Also, during a hormonal disorder, menstrual cramps begin to occur - the allocation becomes too or minimal, or, conversely, abundant, the duration of menstruation varies, painful feelings that have not occurred before. In a healthy condition, a woman feels quite normal, and with a hormonal disorder, in addition to pain and discomfort, there is excessive anxiety and tension, fatigue and sudden mood swings. Most often, hormonal failures are accompanied by leaps of blood pressure, dizziness, edema of the hands and feet, abdominal distension, and complete decay of strength.

All these symptoms should cause concern in women when you can not write it out to nature or monthly - you urgently need to seek counseling and further treatment to doctors. It may turn out that all this was a harbinger of serious endocrine diseases.

Determine the excess in the body of female hormones can be by the following symptoms: the hair covering begins to grow and become greasy, there is rash and stretch marks on the skin, as after pregnancy, even if the woman never gave birth.

But if in the body of a woman does not have male hormones (testosterone), there is pain in the mammary glands; They swell and the breasts harden, as in the period of menstruation. And the low level of testosterone does not allow a woman to become pregnant, which already becomes a huge psychosomatic problem from the disease.

In order to determine the level of male and female hormones, you need to undergo a survey and pass the analysis. As an option, you can make regular measurements of basal temperature (BT, measured in the back passage) for a certain period. If the temperature is maintained at a certain level with minimal deviations, then there is a violation of the hormonal background in women, and progesterone in the body is clearly not enough.

Hormonal disorders in women: causes, signs and implications

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