Homemade puppy can feel cancer

Dogs Can Smell Cancer - Secret Life Of Dogs - Bbc (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

A study by American scholars showed the importance of musical lessons to improve the psychological state of cancer patients.

In the early stages, lung cancer can occur almost asymptomatic, which greatly complicates its diagnosis at a stage when cancer is still curable. Therefore, the problem of lung cancer is precisely in early diagnosis and not in treatment. Scientists around the world are trying to find any early signs of this terrible disease.

Recently, a major study has been conducted that showed that even if a person in the risk group makes a computer tomography every year, the risk of his death from cancer is reduced by only 20%.

The problem of diagnosing lung cancer.

In one recent study published in European Respiratory Journal Describes how four dogs (2 German Shepherds, Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever) correctly identified the presence of lung cancer in 71 out of 100 patients. Of the 400 samples of healthy people, these wonderful animals gave false positive results in only 7% of cases.

If the data are correct, then such "diagnosis" is more effective than computed tomography and bronchoscopy.

In medical practice, there are cases where dogs warned their owners of skin cancer, breast, lung, constantly touching the paw of the affected area. Some dogs may even "feel" a decrease in blood sugar in diabetics.

However, in more serious studies, the results of "our little brothers" were not so optimistic.

For example, in one study in 2004, it was shown that dogs correctly diagnosed bladder cancer in 40% of cases, which is lower than that of simple methods available. However, the cancer of the colon of the dog was determined by stool pattern in 90% of cases, which can be compared with the effectiveness of colonoscopy.

Perhaps the correctness of the "diagnosis" of dogs affects the duration of their preparation, as well as the type of biological sample (urine, blood, exhaled air, feces).

So, in a loud study involved 220 volunteers - 110 healthy, 60 patients with lung cancer and 50 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. All of them exhaled in a special glass tube filled with wool. The resulting samples were not signed, thus, none of the participants in the experiment, including people who gave offenses to dogs, did not know who owns this or that sample.

Dogs were exposed to five specimens. Only one out of five was received from the patient. "Feeling" cancer the dog lay down and lowered the muzzle next to this sample. Dogs correctly identified the cancer even if it was an early stage. In addition, their diagnosis did not interfere with the smell of nicotine or food in the exhaled air.

How do dogs "find" cancer?

Researchers believe that dogs catch some kind of volatile organic compound in the exhaled air of the sick. Surprisingly, in the air that exhales us in the air about 4000 different substances!

Sensitivity of a dog's sense of smell is 100-1000 times higher than that of a person. However, more importantly, dogs can precisely differentiate one smell from another and isolate one from many others. If scientists understand what kind of substance they catch dogs in exhaled cancer patients, they can develop a device that does it more accurately. This can be a breakthrough in oncology and salvation for many people.

Homemade puppy can feel cancer

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