Hole in yasnakh

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If tooth extraction was carried out by an inexperienced or irresponsible physician, there may be some problems. Among them, patients are most concerned about the gut hole, which begins to get sick and wrinkle.

The hole in the gums is a frequent consequence of tooth extraction. If after such a procedure he began to get sick and wrinkle, then there was a nerve in the gums and it was necessary to take appropriate measures for treatment at the earliest possible time.

What should I do if a hole is formed in the gums?

Before removing the tooth, you should think very carefully and understand the cause of the pain. If the tooth just responds to warm or cold food, you should refuse to remove, so that subsequently did not appear in the gum hole. After all, it is she who subsequently brings a lot of problems to man. It is best to cure a tooth, but we will not consider this issue in our article. If the gut hole causes pain after tooth extraction and has the same character, it is likely that the reason for looking should be in the neighboring teeth. Most likely, they have carious cavities that affect the nerve endings. If a hole in soft tissues near the tooth leaves a bad breath, a tumor is formed, then most likely the cause is the development of alveolitis. One of the causes of the disease is a frequent rinse. The biggest mistake made by many doctors is that they recommend that patients should take oral trays without warning them that there is no need to rinse the mouth inside. Enough only to get the drug into the well. If it enters a clot of blood, then this is an impulse to inflammation. The pain in the hole is not clear and that X-rays should be done. Such measures are most often needed only in the event of the removal of the wisdom tooth and then not in all cases.

What should I do if the hole in the gums is sore?

If, after removing the tooth in the gums, a hole has formed and gives you a lot of discomfort due to pain, you should contact the dentist who was engaged in removal, in order to prevent inflammation of the well. If you still notice an inflammation, you should follow the following list of actions:

  1. Apply to a dentist-therapist.
  2. Cleanse your teeth.
  3. Make a mouth-bath with infusion of chamomile and other herbs.
  4. If necessary, special medical products may be added to the rinse solution, which will be prescribed by a physician-obstetrician.

It is important to understand that tooth extraction is not the best solution. It is necessary first of all to find a causative tooth in order not to remove unnecessary.

In our article, we have tried most fully to highlight the issue of having a toothache that occurs due to holes in the periosteal soft tissue. It is important to understand the point - to trust their teeth should only be a proven dentist who has all the necessary skills for treatment, appropriate tools and consumables.

Hole in yasnakh

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