Hold nitroglycerin in your pocket

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An exclusive interview with Academician RAMS Raphael Oganov.

With heart disease is difficult at any time of the year, but especially difficult in the heat. Not all cores survived the abnormal summer of last year. They gave their recommendations

Raphael Oganov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, president of the All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology.

- How do cores cope with summer heat?

- It is necessary, first of all, to monitor the indicators of blood pressure. The heat gives an extra load on the heart. It works more energetically, rhythm is more frequent. Blood pressure may fall or fall sharply. The reaction to various medicines that the patient treats for a long time may also change somewhat.

Due to increased sweating, the body loses many salts and other essential ingredients. It is important for them to be restored with adequate fluid intake. Just drink water, not sweet fizzy drinks. With thirst they can not cope, only harm.

Wear free clothes made of light fabrics (linen, cotton), do not go out under the burning sun, wait for the heat in coolness. Last year, the Moscow Department of Health created a special cooled room to the desired temperature, in which it was possible to stay on time and come to ourselves.

- If an attack of an angst came in the heat, what to do?

- Every person with angina pectoris or with a threat of angina development should have nitroglycerin with him. Better in the form of a spray, the tablets are stored for 2-3 months, and then fall apart, and the tablet during a bad state of health it is difficult to get.

Nitroglycerin is a dasg of emergency care. Helps in two situations. The first one - when the assault of pain occurred. If the first dose did not help, after five minutes you can try a friend. If after the third one does not become better, one must necessarily cause a fast one: most likely, a myocardial infarction develops. And the second situation: a person already suffers from angina, he has an unpleasant conversation, or physical activity, for example, in a bitter need to go. Then a dose of nitroglycerin can be used as a prevention.

- Why are heart disease still leading? What prevents us from coping with them?


People move less, but more eating high-calorie foods, animal fats. This leads to the emergence of the main risk factors - change in blood pressure, increase in cholesterol, obesity, diabetes mellitus. There is a genetic predisposition, but whether it is realized or not - it is still a question. Lifestyle - that's what matters. Here is an example. The Japanese and Italian coastal part of the mortality from heart disease is low due to the fact that in their diet, many seafood, fruits, vegetables. But there is a statistic that confirms that when these same people migrated to the United States and switched to another typical diet for Americans, they began to get sick like Americans.

- And Russian national cuisine is useful?

- Yes, the nutrition of our grandfathers was healthy. Eating simple potatoes, cabbage, borscht, porridge, rarely - meat. Butter was expensive, so often sunflower was on the table. Now people have switched to greasy food, drink and smoke to the same, and smoking in general for a man is unnatural, you need to get rid of it.

- Why are cores harmful to smoke?

- Nicotine destroys the inner stratum of the vessels, an important barrier - endothelium, and atherosclerotic plaques are formed on the vessel wall. If the tusks of the plaque burst, the mechanism of the protective reaction will start in the body, because the split is bleeding, it must be closed. And closes the crack of the thrombus. The problem is that it can block the entire lumen of the vessel. If it is a vessel that feeds the brain, the case may end up with a stroke, the heart is a heart attack, and the legs are intermittent lameness. On a clean vessel with a normal endothelium, the thrombus never sits. But you will note that for many years up to 50 people and without smoking get a lot of other provocative factors. And the chances of developing cardiovascular disease grow even more.

Hold nitroglycerin in your pocket
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