History diseases: "spain"

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"Spain" is referred to as the flu that has spread the planet in the early twentieth century. Influenza is not news for humanity: a similar clinic of the disease described in 412 BC Hippocrates. By 1918, the world had experienced several epidemics of the flu, but there was not yet such a mass and terrible pandemic as the "Spaniard".

It is believed that the first cases of this disease arose in the winter of 1918 in the United States. From there, along with American recruits mobilized to participate in the First World War, the virus moved to Europe.

In the spring and summer of 1918, the first wave of a pandemic began. The victims were also in the status of allies (English, French, Americans), both in Germany and among the peaceful population of European countries.

While military censorship prevented the disclosure of information about the disease of soldiers, the press did not participate in the Spanish war on the full power of the trumpet about a terrible disease that struck 39% of the population. This contributed to the fact that it was called "Spanish flu" or "Spaniard".

Three waves of "Spaniards"

"Spain" sparked into the world in three waves:

History diseases: "spain"
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