A high heel is dangerous for women

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First of all, the constant wearing of high heels will not add beauty to the legs. Damage to the joint of the thumb (valgus stone) occurs as a result of prolonged wear of "hairpins". Women who often wear high heels tend to have larger areas of the front of the foot and deformed thumbs.

As the height of the heel increases, the body weight shifts towards the inner foot of the foot and increases the pressure on the thumb. High-heeled shoes can change the legs and posture that endangers long-term health effects.

To maintain a balance in a sophisticated but unstable footwear, you need more energy and muscle activity. Therefore, the posture changes and the body bends slightly forward. An additional pressure on the back is created, which can lead to a spine overload. Thus, a recent survey of 200 young women showed that 58% of those who wore high hemorrhages regularly had back pain.

High-heeled shoes are less stable than flat soles, and they make the entire body more unstable, there are problems maintaining symmetrical posture, and this can affect the balance.

In order to more or less firmly stand on the legs and to be able to move in high heel shoes, the ankle joint is drawn out, and this is a very unstable position of the joint, in which it is easy to twist the leg and even to get injured.

A high heel is dangerous for women

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