High acidity in the body can be a cause of diabetes

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Acidity directly affects digestion and assimilation of food. Sometimes too much gastric juice is produced, which leads to increased acidity, writes News Track India. Also, increasing the acidity contributes to the consumption of certain products.

Such products are not capable of giving for a long time the feeling of satiety. It can damage both the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. In general, an increased level of acidity disrupts the production of insulin. Due to damage to cells insulin is produced unstable and in insufficient quantities.

The possible result is diabetes. Plus, sugar consumption is changing by cells. As a result, the concentration of sugar in the blood jumps. Chronic high acidity inhibits the metabolism of sugar. By the way, the active consumption of products that increase the acidity of products with animal proteins provokes a set of weight.

And overweight is directly related to diabetes.

High acidity in the body can be a cause of diabetes

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