Herpetic stomatitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

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Herpetic stomatitis is an acute viral illness caused by simple herpes that occurs in children and adults. It turns out to be painful aphtha that arise in the oral cavity and general impairment of well-being.

Causes of stomatitis

Stomatitis is considered as a manifestation of primary herpetic infection in the oral cavity. In most cases, children from 1 to 3 years of age are ill, or young people with impaired immunity and chronic pathology. The herpes virus of the first type upon ingestion on the mucous membranes is introduced into them, with the blood flow spreads all over the body and is fixed in cells of the skin or mucous membranes. In the places of fixation of the virus there are typical elements of the rash.

Manifestations of stomatitis

Acute herpetic stomatitis occurs in three forms - mild, moderate and severe, in the development of the disease is allocated five periods. In the incubation period, there are no manifestations - the virus is spread throughout the body, fixed and multiplied. In the prodromal period, the first symptoms of the disease appear - weakness, lethargy, refusal of food, capriciousness and a small fever. In the period of the onset of illness, all the typical signs of stomatitis with rash in the oral cavity are manifested, then the phase of fading manifestations comes to the stage of recovery. The severity of the disease reflects the severity and severity of the protective barriers of the body, as the moderate and severe forms of stomatitis lead to a sharp oppression of immunity, which comes to normal only after a couple of weeks after recovery.

Easy form of stomatitis

In this form, the general intoxication of the body is not observed, the prodromal period is not detected, the disease begins with a sharp increase in temperature to 37-37.5? C. Thus, there is no general manifestations, or there are mild catarrhal phenomena in the area of ​​the upper respiratory tract. In the mouth, swelling and redness appear in the area of ​​the gum, while single red bubbles or grouped by 5-6 elements of the ulcer appear on the background of increased reddening, rashes occur simultaneously and once.

Average severity of stomatitis

With the average severity of the course of acute leaky stomatitis, manifested rather pronounced symptoms - intoxication, lesions of the mucous membranes throughout the period of the disease. The deterioration of the condition already occurs in the prodrome of the disease, the children are weak, refuse to eat. There may be angina, colds. It turns out to increase lymph nodes, they are painful and swollen. With the development of the disease, the temperature rises to 38-39ºС, there are headaches, nausea with paleness of the skin, blister rashes of 10 to 20 pieces appear on the mucous membranes. There may be a lesion on the skin of the face. This increases the amount of saliva, it becomes more viscous. There may be gingivitis and bleeding gums. After manifestation of rash, the temperature decreases, and repeated rashes are accompanied by a rise in temperature. Kids badly eat and sleep, there are manifestations of toxicosis. Harvesting of the ulcers lasts about five days.

Difficult form

These forms of stomatitis are rare. During the period of the promea, there are all signs of an infectious disease, and when rashes the temperature rises to 39-40 ° C.

It turns into intoxication, the lips dry and crack, mucus mouth swollen, red, gingivitis sharply expressed. For the second day, abundant rash of the oral cavity is detected - more than 20-25 elements. Typical herpetic bubbles appear at the mouth, maybe in the ages and conjunctiva of the eyes, ears, etc. Rashes can be repeated, sprinkled with the development of the disease. There is a bad smell in the mouth, abundant during saliva with an admixture of blood. The general condition of the child is heavy.

Treatment of stomatitis

The basis of the treatment of stomatitis - adequate analgesia oral gels with anesthetics, it facilitates the state of health and eating. Accepted anti-inflammatory drugs inside and antiviral drugs locally and internally. In parallel, immunostimulatory therapy is prescribed.

Eating at the time of stomatitis should be gentle and not irritating, warm and well-cleaned.

In the period of healing of ulcers prescribed keratoplasty means - solutions are treated with mucus to stimulate healing.

On average, the duration of treatment for stomatitis is about a week, but because of a decrease in immunity it is not necessary immediately to return to the team after recovery.

Herpetic stomatitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

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