Herpes: seasonal prophylaxis

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Herpes simplex virus, or creeping fever, manifests itself in rashes on the mucous membranes and human skin, causing unpleasant sensations. It is known that in the active phase the disease often goes on the onset of the autumn period. In time preparing your body, you can avoid external negative manifestations of infection.

In our geographical area, the most common herpes simplex virus. Bubble rash spreads rapidly on the face - frequent companion of autumn days. The provocative factor most often is respiratory infection, which would lower the resistance of the body and significantly increase the chances of relapse of herpes.

The provoking factors of relapses of herpes

It is impossible to achieve full treatment by methods known today. Therefore, timely prevention of relapses of herpes is so important.

In addition to seasonal, you should know about other factors that provoke relapse. First of all, this is a reduction in immunity against the background of severe or chronic stressful situations, the impact of tobacco smoke, alcohol, during periods of menstruation in women, and others. The combination of several factors greatly increases the likelihood of recurrence.

Prevention of relapses of herpes

The main measure for preventing herpes is to maintain immunity. The immune system produces antibodies that suppress the development of the virus. Therefore, it is important in the summer to begin to prepare the body - to use natural vitamins and multivitamin complexes.

Healthy lifestyle and strengthening the nervous system. The exclusion of negative emotional experiences from life is not always in the power of man, but an adequate response to them will significantly reduce the effects of stress.

In autumn, it is especially important to avoid overcooling. In the morning, the coolness of the morning often changes until noon with a hot sun. Temperature drops, crude weather - ideal conditions for weakening the body and relapse of herpetic infection.

Balanced nutrition should become a compulsory point in preventing the disease. In a diet it is necessary to include more vegetables and fruits and adhere to the diet. Refusal of alcoholic beverages also contributes to increasing the resistance of the body to infections.

In the autumn-winter period it makes sense to use anti-herpetic drugs. In situations of frequent exacerbations of herpetic infection, consult a physician.

Herpes: seasonal prophylaxis

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