Hepatitis a treatment at home: tips and tricks

Hepatitis A - Do & Don'T (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

There are several expert advice on helping the body cope with hepatitis A at home. To start, you need to maximize your activity. It is not necessary to climb the bed on the lying down - this will definitely slow down the recovery process. But listen to his body and give him a respite from work in time - worth it. All loads should be comparable to the stock of your forces - only in this case you can take up work.

Heavy loads should be completely eliminated until the final recovery. If the condition improves, the usual rhythm of life should be returned gradually. Do not load yourself to the moment of full recovery, otherwise, not enough recovering organism, can suppress and the course of the disease will only become aggravated.

Try to organize proper nutrition. Let it be frequent with small volumes of food. In most cases, nausea and loss of appetite do not show up until the evening. Try to have a good breakfast and minimize the amount of food at dinner.

Some doctors recommend that people who are infected with hepatitis A virus eat a high-calorie diet rich in protein. And others say - such food can be difficult when feeling nauseous. So look for the golden mean - try to balance your diet and use the foods you like.

Do not allow dehydration - it is especially important during the disease of hepatitis A. Useful in this period will be vegetable and fruit juices, broths, which contain so much needed organism to fight the disease of vitamins. A doctor should be contacted immediately if the vomit is opened twice a day.

It is categorically not recommended for hepatitis A to use a smoker and drink - the liver, which is weakened by infection, can not cope with the splitting of alcohol. Especially since the reaction of the body at the time of taking drugs for alcohol may be unpredictable.

All medicines should be taken only by the appointment of a doctor. In some cases, patients with hepatitis A mark the appearance of itching. You need to try to control it.

The above tips will help prevent the spread of hepatitis A, the infection of people living with you in one territory and create conditions for the quick cure for yourself.

You must be sure to report your illness to people who live with you in the same area and with whom you are sexually explicit. Most likely, after consulting a doctor, they will be advised to receive an immunoglobulin injection. If the injection is done within two weeks after the first contact with the virus, then the disease can be prevented.

Hepatitis a treatment at home: tips and tricks

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