Hepatitis c is not a sentence

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Viral hepatitis is an extremely acute worldwide problem. The effectiveness of treating the disease, as well as the quality of life of patients, depend on many factors.

For people with hepatitis C, it is very important to keep track of your health every day and every hour. Only so can protect your liver from unwanted complications and feel good.

Patients with hepatitis should be careful about what they eat, eat well and balanced. There are several more recommendations that the patient should keep in mind.

Avoid other illnesses

It must be remembered that other hepatitis viruses can attack the weakened liver. And this creates a threat to the patient. Therefore, having consulted with the doctor, it is necessary to make vaccinations from these viruses.

One needs to be extremely neat, entering into contacts, including sexual ones. Sexually Transmitted Infections Can Significantly Reduce Immunity And Without That Patient Organism.

Follow the dream

Generally, people diagnosed with hepatitis C are poorly sleep and rarely sleep. "Insomnia can safely be considered a side effect of hepatitis C treatment," said Dr. Thomas Thomas, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.. In his practice, patients did not talk about this symptom, considering it to be insufficiently important. Although the fact that the patient does not sleep a sufficient amount of time can adversely affect his treatment. Many secondary symptoms of hepatitis C, such as fatigue, lethargy, are also symptoms of sleep deprivation. They keep pace with each other and worsen the general condition of the patient.

There is no medicine for insomnia caused by hepatitis C treatment. To improve sleep quality it is useful to follow general recommendations:

- take warm relaxing baths in the evening;

- do not overeat before going to bed;

- if you do not go to sleep anyway, you can take the usual medicine for insomnia.

Remember the reduced function of the liver

When taking the medicine, you should be very careful. Be sure to consult your doctor and find out which pills you can take, even when it comes to drugs from an ordinary cold. Even the most primitive analgesics may be toxic if taken in combination with drugs shown before hepatitis. Receiving vitamins in large doses may be harmful. Caution should be taken with the adoption of medicinal herbs - for people with a diseased liver, they can turn into powerful medicines and cause real harm. If the patient smokes, you must make every effort to get rid of this bad habit.


Hang out to relax

Life with such a disease is difficult. The strict mode of the day, the reception of potent drugs and strict diet - all this affects the mood of the patient. In these conditions it is important to learn how to relax properly. Therefore, you need to spend more time with friends, do not shut yourself up, try to have fun, walk as much as possible.

… and think positively

Of course, staging such a diagnosis changes the lives of each person. But, oddly enough, often in the positive side. People look at their lives and their health, they realize that they really have meaning for them and what they are not. Begin to watch for yourself. Most patients diagnosed with "hepatitis C", who perform all the recommendations of doctors, live for a long time, and their quality of life is not reduced.

It is important to remember this and in no case do not fall into despondency.

Hepatitis c is not a sentence
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